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Aave Lending Protocol set to go live on!

We’re extremely excited to announce that our integration of Aave Lending Protocol will go live on on Thursday 3rd September! Users will be able to use PlutusDeFi to deposit assets into Aave Protocol, accruing interest as they go.

Aave Protocol has been in the DeFi spotlight over the past few months. Having started out with Assets under Management within the protocol in December of under $10M USD, they have grown to take pole position, ahead of Maker and Compound with almost over $2 Billion USD. Aave has not stopped with the basic vanilla features of lend and earn, they have continued to innovate and push the boundaries of decentralised finance, having been granted an EMI licence in the United Kingdom, exploring credit delegation, and having launched governance to testnet.

Two currencies are currently enabled, USDC & DAI. An additional 11 currencies will be enabled and made available for users to deposit within two weeks as PlutusDeFi V2 launches.

We look forward to integrating more Aave Products into PlutusDeFi in the future!

Feel free to reach out to us on








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