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ADD ERC-20 to Binance Smart Chain Bridge Launched!’s team has our exclusive $ADD ERC-20 to Binance Smart Chain Bridge.

Visit ADD’s Chain Swap Page now!

After several weeks of rapid development, we’re happy to announce the deployment of our ADD ERC-20 to BEP-20 chainswap bridge. This new bridge feature allows users to easily and quickly swap between $ADD’s utility token on the Ethereum network to Binance smart chain. As the Ethereum network continues to grow, usage has been increasing as an astronomical rate (You can view fees accrued by Ethereum here!), and so have gas fees, making small transactions completely unaffordable for daily users.

We’ll be moving liquidity to Pancake Swap in the coming weeks to allow for users to buy and sell through BSC Dex’s very soon, in an attempt to aide and help reduce friction in trading liquidity for $ADD.

Simply connect a wallet using Metamask, confirm your transaction amounts and receive BSC instantly.

$ADD ERC-20 Swap Contract:

$ADD BSC Chain Token Contract:

Bridge Bot
You can also use our bridge bot to see all bridge crossings! Simply Dm bridge_add_bot on Telegram and sending the command /start. All crossing transactions will be relayed directly to you.

For more advanced commands send /

Using the /token_balances command lets you see balances held in our validator node smart contracts for swap liquidity

BSC Chain Details for Metamask

For any questions please feel free to reach out to us on:





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