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ADD.XYZ’s Weekly Update 25–Staking Live, APP Launch Nearing

Here’s’s weekly web, platform, design, and marketing development update #25. is your upcoming truly private DeFi Aggregator where you will be getting all your DeFi services on a single platform. We’re going to continue bringing regular development updates for you to move along with us in your DeFi Journey. We wish to keep our community constantly updated with each and every progress is moving with a focused target of becoming one of the best privacy-preserving DeFi Aggregation Platforms. Having listened to community feedback, we’ll be posting Development Updates when they are available instead of monthly, this could mean development updates are posted multiple times a month or fewer.

These updates are designed to be summarised for quick view by our community. You can see below our weekly development updates as our developers work hard to turn creative ideas into features and functionality for

Here are all the activities which we have done in the last week. Go through them from start to end.

Liquidity Staking 2.0 is Live

Get ready with your #ADD and $ETH again. We’re again going to start liquidity staking where you will be able to add liquidity, stake, and earn lucrative rewards.

You Can Start Staking ADD here.

Tutorial —

You can find the announcement on our first liquidity staking here.

For any questions please feel free to reach out to us on:





Reddit —




Your Truly Private DeFi Aggregator

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