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Auditing Collaboration with Zokyo — Full audit of Smart Contracts

We are proud to announce a successful security audit by Zokyo ahead of our token generation event, led by the efforts of Hartej Sawhney and his team alongside lead developers, ensuring thorough vulnerability testing and simulations to provide our community with confidence.

Zokyo’s security team has confirmed that this smart contract passes security qualifications to be listed on digital asset exchanges with a score of 98. Further reports will be published at a later date.

Technical Summary is a full-stack DeFi aggregator, plugging in multiple products and DeFi applications into one single platform, focusing on User Experience, Design, Privacy, and Anonymity.

Code Coverage Test is engaged with the blockchain security experts at Zokyo for a full audit of our Token Generation Smart Contacts ahead of our launch on the 21st July. Zokyo was founded by Hartej Sawhney and is a security auditing partner of BDO Australia and Kudelski Security. As an industry pioneer, Sawhney has played a key role in elevating the security standards in the digital asset ecosystem and introducing products and services that set the industry benchmark for security, transparency, and compliance. His efforts have been recognized as paving the way for the ongoing institutionalization of the industry. Hartej previously co-founded Hosho, one of the original blockchain security auditing firms that audited the majority of the ICO’s and protocols and organized the first Blockchain Security conference in Las Vegas.

Hartej Sawhney has spoken around the world at many Fintech and Blockchain conferences, consulted and protected some of the largest blockchain companies in the industry since 2017 from hackers.

About Zokyo:

Zokyo is a Digital Product and Cybersecurity agency, offering web and mobile design, software development, penetration testing (cloud, network, web), smart contract and protocol auditing to ensure the correctness and safety of blockchain projects.

Endorsed by industry leaders, Zokyo is a trusted security and development partner to both early stage startups and the Fortune 500. We provide the perfect blend of onshore and offshore services allowing us to offer enterprise-grade services at affordable rates.

Notable clients and partners include: BDO Australia, Kudelski (SWX: KUD), tZero, Xbullion, Hero Token, Singular DTV, Breaker, Evident Proof, and many others.

Quote from Hartej:

Zokyo would like to congratulate the team for passing the rigorous verification process and wishes them continued success.

Feel free to reach out to us on:







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