Enter Add.xyz V2! Full Stack DeFi Aggregation Platform and the first Private Lending Protocol!

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6 min readSep 17, 2020


PlutusDeFi is revamping its platform, rebranding, and much more!

In July, our pivotal utility token launch was completed. Since then, we have been working furiously to get our flagship full stack DeFi aggregator to the community…. Enter the ADD.XYZ defi platform. Our V2 launch will include governance aggregation options such as accessing COMP and YFI proposals, instant swaps between governance tokens, direct access to tornado cash and Bl3nd3r (Zk-snarks based mixers) and automated anonymised assets forwarding to protocols… so much more!

New Website: https://add.xyz/

We’ve moved to ADD.xyz as we have outgrown our purpose of a specific platform focused on DeFi lending aggregation to full-stack DeFi aggregation by continuously “adding” to our ecosystem.

Our token name will remain “PLT” and users can continue to use tge.add.xyz to access their seed round tokens from the bridge.

Tech Development and Roadmap

We have blitzed through our roadmap by integrating Aave, Fulcrum and DIA API’s within the first 4 weeks of post token launch. As mentioned later in the article. The ADD team has been aggressively expanding our development resources and has now established a full iOS/Android team which have started to work on the add.xyz mobile app which is under heavy guard from prying eyes! Read more below!

In ADD.XYZ V2, there are so many cool features that us and you as users want to see.

  • Manage all your portfolios’, DEFI or CEFI in one single place.
  • Read your wallet balance outside of DeFi, for a more holistic view of your market positions.
  • Read and display multiple DeFi protocol positions and current APY.
  • 1 Click defi shortcuts to close or swap to best deposit APY opportunities, Deposit, Insure and Lend (DIL), or Deposit, Mix and Lend (DML).
  • View and launch CDP’s.
  • Governance aggregation, vote in UNI, COMP & YFI and other proposals from a single dashboard, swap between governance tokens instantly.
  • built in privacy/mixing with lending and standalone privacy solutions in a single platform.
  • Expansion to over 20 currencies supported for lending.
  • Curve.fi, Aave, Compound, dYdX, YFI and Fulcrum fully supported.

The new platform Add.xyz will allow Defi users to interact with governance , lending protocols, insurance providers, privacy and derivatives from a single platform across protocols.

Technical Update for V1— September 2020

Smart Contracts

  • Fulcrum Registry contracts for maintaining token information for fulcrum protocol.
  • Aave Registry contracts for maintaining token information for Aave protocol
  • Fulcrum invest module contract to implement protocol calls for fulcrum deposits and withdraw.
  • Aave Invest module contract to implement protocol calls for Aave deposits and withdraw.
  • Live APY rates are now supplied by DiaData.org, DIA (Decentralised Information Asset) is an open-source oracle platform that enables market actors to source, supply and share trustable data.

Back End

  • Integration of fulcrum protocol contracts and the balance update mechanism.
  • Integration of the Aave protocol contract and interest mechanism.
  • Cron Fixes and improvement on live balance updates.
  • Authorize new investment modules.
  • API implementations for new protocols.
  • DIA Rates API Integration.

Front end

  • Integration of new protocol functionality for Fulcrum.
  • Integration of new protocol API for Aave
  • UI fixes

Technical Updates for V2 — September 2020

Smart Contracts

  • Tornado Cash Process Flow Completed
  • ADD.XYZ Blender Process Flow Completed and Contracts in progress
  • Integrating Lending Protocol wrapped in ZKsnarks in progress.

Front End

  • Complete new redesign for V2, including governance, privacy and insurance panels completed
  • Mobile wallet schema completed
  • Mobile wallet design in progress
  • Continuous Streaming Payments (Sablier) design in progress

Governance — Towards Aggregated DeFi governance

We need to do more to bring other DeFi projects to implement an open, transparent governance system like ours, we need an interconnected way of doing governance together.

This is why ADD.xyz will also use any stake-holder allocated assets provided to ADD.xyz by protocols like Compound, dYdX, Aave and others, and allow ADD.xyz users to influence in other projects’ proposals using the ADD.xyz stake. Users can also delegate their voting rights to the ADD.xyz address in order to combine voting power and weighting.

For example; ADD.xyz users will be able propose “solidarity voting actions” on our platform, by mobilising supporting or against proposal actions on Compound’s Governance Proposal plan.

Users will also be able to do cool things like rent out their governance tokens or join blocks of other governance token hodlers to combine voting power in other protocols or swap between different governance tokens instantly through DEXes with limited slippage to vote across projects.

Add.XYZ on mobile is coming!

Our dedicated iOS/Android mobile app development team are working around the clock to release the next generation of DeFi mobile app.

Add.xyz will develop a native mobile wallet app, consisting of standard wallet functions, balance and portfolio features which are generally available through other apps, while moving towards integration of DeFi aggregation specific features such as lending, yield farming, CDP’s, mobile money credits, privacy features, mixer, visa card accessibility (in the future) and other defi features not yet revealed.

We have taken the best working practises of wallets like argent, frontier, monolith and crossed it with blockfolio. So now you can manage all of you CeFi portfolios, track the news and have up to date information on what’s going on in the space before anyone else, while also having 1 click accessibility to your DeFi hodlings and 1 click executable defi shortcuts to open and close positions, mix or carry our other degen activities.

Privacy — Privacybydesign — ADD.XYZ’s private lending protocol

The journey begins to launch the industries first privacy based lending protocol, whereby privacy by design is held as the foremost principle in architecting multiple money market protocols which are aimed at ensuring user privacy.

Most, if not all protocols are moving towards the direction of revealing user identities, infact many already harvest user data and sell this off. We’ve always known that off-chain and on-chain privacy solutions will fall short of a completed anonymous privacy protocol. While these things take time, we are pulling together the architecture, team and experience to deploy something incredibly special into the space.

There has been considerable disruption caused by the likes of Apple and Google who are forcing not just some of the largest game creators and developers on mobile into forcing the way they operate, but also companies like Coinbase for example are under pressure. In the latest comments by Coinbase.com’s CEO, Brian Armstrong, states that Apple is limiting cryptocurrency firm's functionality and features. Many of the leading blockchain software companies with mobile apps are also afraid of speaking out in fear of retaliation.

Brian Armstrong’ comments go further into showing the political nature of Apple’s hostility towards crypto as they have specifically censored Coinbase’s Earn feature, stopping users from accruing APY through lending.

There are considerable threats to traditional finance from monopolies within banking who will put pressure on companies like Apple and Google not to allow additional rails and increase access to mainstream consumers to earn money.

We hope to provide more updates of progress on our unique privacy based lending protocols in the coming months.

Aggregate all the Yield Farming on mobile, WDF?

We know that Yield Farming is super risky but also super degen fun. So we’re going to allow people to Yield Farm while they are at their desk, or on the bus/train on the way to and from work, so they don’t miss out on the latest vegetables/fish and other miscellaneous grocery items. We’re still working out the best way to integrate this, but the control will be lead by users. So you can identify any/which yield farm you want to participate in through the smart contract address and farm away, anywhere, anytime.