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Frontier listing $PLT on Uniswap via Frontiers mobile app listing — Strategic Collaboration

PlutusDeFi is proud to announce that $PLT will be listed in Frontier’s bleeding-edge DeFi wallet service, on Tuesday 11th August.

The two projects will collaborate on integrating and increasing liquidity through balancer, uniswap and other DeFi on-ramps for $PLT

This unique collaboration will be the first Mobile App service to allow users to trade $PLT on Uniswap via Frontier’s mobile app.

Frontier allows DeFi users to track their favourite protocols such as Maker, Compound, and DyDx, receive advanced DeFi notifications such as liquidation notifications, balance changes and incoming/outgoing transaction notifications all while never touching your private keys.

PlutusDeFi’s team is excited to be working alongside the Frontier team on this crucial integration, as Frontier opens access to the largest native Indian crypto community in the space, with tens of thousands of existing users interacting with DeFi using Frontier

You can download Frontier here

Frontier Website:

PlutusDeFi Website:



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