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Hot off the Press, listen to Co-founders of PlutusDeFi talking with Boxmining in his latest episode of Diving into Decentralized Finance.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is taking off right now: decentralized exchanges being built, automated market making and lending platforms are creating a new generation of banking. DeFi directly cuts out the middlemen — the big banks that make trillions of dollars doing next to nothing. That being said, we need to look beyond the hype to find out which projects will make a difference to the world in the decades to come. In this episode, we have interviews with the two co-founders of PlutusDeFi — Ali Hararwala and Arnie Hill. They share their unique viewpoints about the current trends in DeFi and some of the pitfalls out there. We also find out about open decentralized banking and how we can include the billions of unbanked into our new financial system.

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