Plutus Monthly Update — November ‘19
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2 min readDec 5, 2019


Hey DeFi’ers,

This year sure is flying by! The Plutus team has been hard at work building out the components of our privacy-enabled Lend and Earn product and anticipate it becoming available for beta testing in the coming weeks.

If you’re interested in signing up as a beta tester, please visit our website at

Over 300 Attend Plutus DeFi Launch in London

In addition to making progress on our core product, the team enjoyed a successful launch party at the second annual Cryptoween Party, hosted by Obsidian Capital (a lead investor in Plutus DeFi).

Read our follow-up post on the event for a closer glimpse at the festivities.

Tracking the Evolution of DeFi

The Plutus team remains committed to maintaining open communications with our customers and supporters and to that effect, we’ve published articles about our efforts and insights into what’s happening in DeFi.

In DeFi Needs Privacy: Here’s Why, we delve into the reasons we’ve chosen to pursue the integration of privacy in DeFi solutions as the focus of our efforts.

We were also pleased to see our article, Stop Saying DeFi is About Banking the Unbanked inspiring insightful discussions on the state of the DeFi movement in the r/ethtrader subreddit.

Last, and certainly not least! Here’s what we’ve accomplished on the technical end this month:

Technical Update

Smart Contracts

  • Majority of modules for dYdx and Compound smart contract and it’s integration with Plutus.js have been completed.


  • Monorepo set up to handle multiple servers completed.
  • Workspaces modularity improvements to achieve clean code architecture.
  • Signing API for user authentication with public wallet address (Metamask).
  • GraphQL subscription for listening to DAI deposits in a counterfactual based smart wallet address.
  • GraphQL subscription for transaction confirmation with block numbers.
  • Metamask based Ownership to deployed smart contract and withdrawal of funds processes.

Front end

  • Skeleton of the front-end is completed.
  • Backend and front-end integration are 50% completed. The majority of work remaining is to complete the signing and ownership of funds that belong to the users.

That’s all for our November update! Please follow us on Twitter or join the conversation on Telegram to stay in touch and remember that you can always keep up with our progress on our Roadmap.

Thanks for your continued support!

Want some privacy in your DeFi solution? Sign up for Early Access to beta test our anonymous lending application. 😀