PlutusDeFi Seed Round lock-up bonus Incentive (SRP program)
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2 min readJul 20, 2020


PlutusDeFi announces a bonus program for Seed Round Participants who have indicated that further support for PlutusDeFi over the coming months by holding their stakes. Our seed participants have asked for an incentive for them to not cross the bridge into liquidity.

As such, we are proud to announce a Seed Round Participant program bonus program of over 100% bonus across 6 months on the following conditions.

SRP’s will be able to generate additional bonuses paid in 6 months if they do not cross the bridge, a single transfer of tokens from their designated whitelisted addresses will invalidate them from the program.

Bonuses are generated on a per month basis. The requirement is that SRP’s must be original investors, and cannot move ANY tokens designated to their token receiving address.


  1. No tokens should be claimed from the smart contract. If a single token is claimed, the seed round participant will be invalidated.
  2. Bonuses are paid on a monthly-weighted/daily weighted basis, thus incurring bonuses paid on the number of months held.
  3. Seed Round Participants must hold a SAFT agreement with PlutusDeFI
  4. Allocations pools or syndicates are disqualified.


  1. Qualifying addresses have been whitelisted to our token smart contract and also on their reciprocal SAFT agreements.
  2. Bonuses are paid at the end of each month, and SRP’s must hold across the full month

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