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PlutusDeFi to list on MXC Exchange

PlutusDeFi announces that $PLT will list on MXC Exchange, on the Monday 27th of July during the Uniswap listing at 8:30AM ET (NEW YORK) / 12:30PM GMT / 8:30PM CST (CHINA)

Our Bonding Curve & Uniswap listing will take place as usual at

Users can register in advance ahead of the token listing.

MXC will support PLT/USDT

MXC Exchange will enable:
Trading time: 20:30, July 27th (GMT+8)
Withdrawal time: 20:00, July 27th (GMT+8)
Deposit time: 19:00, July 27th (GMT+8)

📌Join the draw:


More prizes for community:
🔸#Giveaway on MXC Fans
(🔸Forward the post in no less than 3 crypto groups (more than 1,000 members each) to get 14 PLT. ▶️Submit your screenshots & MXC email account to admins (MXC angel) in @MXCEnglish. For first 50 members. First come, first served.
(One user can only submit to once, to one angel)




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