PlutusDeFi — Two major academics join PlutusDeFi’s Full Stack Aggregator
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3 min readJul 16, 2020


Two major Academics in Computer Science with specializations in P2P Financial Systems, Governance, Regulatory Compliance, and Blockchain, joining PlutusDeFi for a long-term basis to help develop PlutusDeFi’s visionary DeFi Full Stack aggregation platform focused on DeFi interoperability between Privacy, Insurance, Lending, Banking, and Derivatives.

Paolo Tasca, is a Professor in Computer Science Lecturing at UCL and is the Executive Director of a world-leading research hub, the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies at University College London, a leading and authoritative academic institution in Europe closely collaborating with the largest financial institutions and government bodies on the emergence of Blockchain and P2P financial systems.

it is committed to understanding the impact of Blockchain technologies in our socio-economic systems while promoting the development and adoption of Blockchain-based platforms.

Paolo is working closely with Italy’s Central Bank, Canada’s Central Bank over Blockchain and P2P financial solutions, and will provide PlutusDeFi expertise and insight into traditional legacy financial systems and the bridges between DeFI and CeFi with a view to form collaborations between PlutusDeFi and Traditional Financial Institutions

Paolo Tasca is also a Permanent Member of the International Standards Organisation (ISO) and a member of the DLT/1 Technical Committee at the British Standard Institution while serving as an honorary fellow of several universities and academic bodies, including Research Associate — London School of Economics -

Worked with Numerous Academic Institutions on P2P financial systems

He is the author of Banking Beyond Banks and Money: Guide to Banking Services in the Twenty-First Century, which is published and serves as one of the primary readings for University Students and Corporate Executives on Financial Systems beyond banking.

His most recent publications include “REA, Triple-Entry Accounting and Blockchain: Converging Paths to Shared Ledger Systems and Libra and a look inside of Blockchain at the LUISS Law School in Italy.

George Samman, is an advisor to global financial institutions, startups, and law firms. He recently was the lead author of “The State of Stablecoins 2019: Hype vs. Reality in the Race for Stable, Global, Digital Money” and has a well-developed understanding of DAO’s and Governance within decentralised financial technologies, as seen here in a 51-page report co-authored report on “DAO: A Decentralized Governance Layer For The Internet Of Value”. He also co-authored a seminal report on blockchain architecture with KPMG, “Consensus: Immutable agreement for the Internet of Value”.

George Samman is not just a spectator, he has valuable experience working with NYC based cryptocurrency hedge fund, Brian Kelly Capital Management. Prior to this, he was a former Wall Street Senior Portfolio Manager and Market Strategist as well as a technical analyst. George holds the Chartered Market Technician (CMT) designation.

George is an active participant in the blockchain industry, taking academic theory into praxis. Recently, George has been consulting and advising startups such as Hedera Hashgraph. His works can be found here;

Both Paolo and George represent the next phase of PlutusDeFi’s development, stepping into a complex corporate and financial industry and attempting to force bridges between large organizations and Decentralised Finance. As PlutusDeFi begins some of the major integration work, we plan on taking a long-term view on working to build bridges between the old legacy financial systems with P2P financial in with a decentralized process and method.

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