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PlutusDeFi’s guide to and Uniswap

PlutusDeFi releases bonding curve platform’s Bonding Curve platform powered by Dolomite

For the PlutusDeFi bonding curve sale, we will be using a dedicated platform for our launch. Together with the Dolomite Team, we have developed

The platform will be live on Tuesday 21st July.

The Token Sale will begin at 8AM ET/1PM GMT+1/ 8PM CST on July 21st. You will be let in automatically.


To best prepare for the token sale, connect your wallet, have your payment ready in the form of wrapped ETH (WETH), and make sure to unlock your wallet for use.

The minimum purchase amount on the platform is set to $100.

Participants will be able to connect their metamask or similar wallets and purchase $PLT from the bonding curve. Below we will try to answer common questions asked to the team.

How does the bonding curve platform work?

PlutusDeFi has its own dedicated bonding curve sale platform hosted at, this is powered by Dolomite which is a decentralized exchange that allows you to trade your cryptocurrency assets securely, right from your own wallet. Dolomite empowers you to maintain complete control of your assets throughout the entirety of the trading process, as you are never required to deposit or withdraw crypto from Dolomite to trade. (You will not be able to participate on the bonding curve using

How do I participate in the Bonding Curve?

Go to the sale site before the sale, connect your wallet, click the button that says “unlock”, approve that transaction (how you do that will vary depending on the wallet, we STRONGLY recommend using Metamask, it’s a good idea to pay a higher gas price so it will submit in a reasonable amount of time), and then you’ll be able to participate in the sale.

On the day of the sale before it opens, you can go to the sale site and connect your wallet, then when the sale opens you can choose which token you want to spend from the dropdown (ETH vs WETH, USDC), enter the amount you want to spend, click submit, and sign the message. That will submit the purchase to Dolomite, and Dolomite will handle the rest from there, you’ll receive your tokens into your wallet once the transaction submits on the chain.

Will there be a gas war?

A signed message doesn’t have a gas price, it’s not a transaction submitted to the blockchain, it’s just something passed to Dolomite that allows Dolomite to submit the purchase on behalf of the user. Dolomite is the one that submits the purchase to the blockchain and handles the gas payment, which means that Dolomite can submit them in the order they come in, no gas war involved.

What is WETH and why is PLT paired with WETH?

Dolomite operates on Ethereum for now and utilizes the Loopring Protocol for order settlement, which allows you to seamlessly trade Ethereum’s ERC-20 tokens. Ether (ETH), however, has existed since before the ERC-20 standard, and as such isn’t natively tradable on Dolomite. Wrapped Ether (WETH) is the solution to this problem.

Ether can be “wrapped” to become WETH — an ERC20 compliant token that is tradable on Dolomite, as well as other DEXs. Because WETH can always be redeemed for ETH, the price of the two are the same. At any point you can “unwrap” your WETH to receive ETH.
Learn more about WETH here

Where can I wrap my ETH?

Go to ahead of the sale, if you wish to wrap your ETH before the sale starts.

Desktop Only: On the bottom left of the platform, you will be able to see two crossed arrows, click on this to open the ETH <> WETH Swap panel. Enter the amount of ETH that you want to Wrap. Click on “To WETH”, this will open a transaction to sign in metamask, and then the balance on your trading panel will be updated to show the amount of WETH held.

Desktop and Mobile: Alternatively, you can visit MESA Dex and wrap your ETH here, connect your wallet, and wrap your ETH.

Which wallets are supported? will support Metamask, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet, Formatic, Portis and Torus

How do I unwrap WETH?

Dolomite currently has an interface for unwrapping WETH which is both quick and easy. You can find it by clicking the crossed arrows symbol in the bottom left of the exchange or next to your WETH balance on the exchange. Make sure that you have “To ETH” selected and enter the amount you wish to unwrap, and submit!

Installing & Loading Your Wallet — MetaMask

MetaMask is the leading browser-based wallet bridge. It keeps your wallet information separate from any online cryptocurrency applications you use so that your sensitive information is never exposed. To use it, follow these steps (if you already have MetaMask set up, skip to step 4):

1. Add MetaMask to your browser

You can find links to the extension on their site here: You can also get more information about MetaMask here:

2. Create your account with MetaMask

You can find links to the extension on their site here: You can also get more information about MetaMask here:

3. Import an existing wallet

Click the button in the upper right with the two arrows in a circle around the figure. From the dropdown menu, choose “import wallet”. Choose either private key or JSON file (keystore file), depending on which you have available for your wallet. If it’s your private key, type it into the field. If you have your keystore file, load that and type in the password. Then press import. Congratulations! MetaMask is now set up with your wallet.

4. Connect MetaMask to Dolomite

Click on the button in the upper right that says “load wallet”. Click on the tab on the left that says “MetaMask”, then click “Connect MetaMask”. Click the MetaMask icon in the upper right to make sure you’re logged in, and if not click the MetaMask extension and type in your password. Then select “connect”. Congratulations, you’ve loaded your wallet onto Dolomite and you’re ready to trade and manage your portfolio!

A Guide to Uniswap

For uniswap, you will need to unwrap your WETH back to ETH

After the bonding curve sale on, PlutusDeFI will be listed on Uniswap to enable constant trading and liquidity.

Navigate to and collect your wallet at the top right of the screen.

Select your ETH address account and click on connect. You will not be able to interact with Uniswap

Enter our smart contract address here:


Our smart contract address will be announced on Tuesday before the sale and will also be displayed on

Using USDT as an example, enter the amount of ETH you wish to use to purchase PLT

Below we will try to answer common questions asked to the team.

What is the minimum and maximum amounts for purchase on the bonding curve?
The minimum is $100 USD. There is no maximum amount.

Is it only possible to participate with WETH or as mentioned in the article, USDC and ETH can also be used?

We will enable USDC and WETH during the bonding curve, and USDC and ETH for Uniswap

Are you prepared for the traffic tomorrow? and do you have any contingency planning?

Our team has been working around the clock with dolomite’s team to ensure that platform stability in preparation for a large amount of incoming traffic.

What is the smart contract address of PLT?
We are not making our smart contract address Public until the moment of the sale, this is a security measure against bots purchasing large amounts of PLT, and to ensure fairness in participation. The Smart Contract address will be available via official medium such as telegram and medium on Tuesday 21st July.

If you have any further questions you can contact the team at @Teamplutus on Telegram and via email at

Feel free to reach out to us on:







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