Weekly Development 42 & 43

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2 min readMar 1, 2022

Here’s Add.xyz’s weekly web, platform, design and development update.

As market conditions cool off for the beginning of 2022 in both the traditional stocks and crypto market. Many projects are busy working away to develop their contracts out on L2 for cheaper transaction fees and faster confirmation times. We’re also in the process of converting our lending contracts to L2.

We’ve taken the route to develop ADD into a multi-chain supported mobile application, allowing users to switch networks to BSC and Solana, as well as store their NFTs and send NFT’s from their wallet.

These updates are designed to be summarised for quick view by our community. You can see below our weekly development updates as our developers work hard to turn creative ideas into features and functionality for ADD.xyz.

We hope everyone had a great holiday and a happy new year. As we enter 2022 the team is back from their break and up and running as we continue to build out and deploy exciting functionality and features within our mobile application.

Weekly Development Update #42

Weekly Development Update #43

  • The ADD development team has been working away at finalising the BSC wallet integration for Mobile which is with our QA team at the moment. We are also wrapping up ERC 72 and ERC 1155 integration for our NFT wallet deployment on the mobile application. As Layer 2 becomes more established on Ethereum, transaction costs are being reduced drastically. We expect our lending contract costs to be reduced down to 2–10 USD per transaction, making ethereum once again, one of the best blockchains for Defians.

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