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Weekly Development Update #05!

Here’s the fifth ever weekly development update! #05, straight from the press!

We’re going to be bringing you regular development updates. We found that sometimes with the pace of development changing, that there could be periods of infrequent updates. Having listened to community feedback, we’ll be posting Development Updates when they are available instead of monthly, this could mean development updates posted multiple times a month or fewer.

These updates are designed to be summarised for quick view by our community. You can see below our weekly development updates as our developers work hard to turn creativity ideas into features and functionality for, soon to be the world’s best PriFi aggregation platform.

Weekly Report Ending 16–04–2021

To view our full roadmap for 2021 and see how far ahead of progress the development team is, simply view our airtable link here

To view the weekly development report #04, simply click here

For any questions please feel free to reach out to us on:







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