Adel Updates ▲ 2018.August.9

Adel Projects ▲ The Wiring
Check out this new web page by The WireMaster . This post organises all of the projects being currently worked on using the Adel platform. It shows the I2, P2 and E2 progress for each project including the exciting decentralised exchange, iFin and the online travel & accommodation platform Siesta Cloud. Read about many other ideas being built on Adel’s platform here!

Adel Portal▲ Market
We are progressing at a good pace with our Community Portal. The market module allows Adel members to view a variety of job vacancies available for certain projects and specifies the required skills to fulfill them. Here is a mockup of our market module.

CoinCodex▲ ADL tracker
We have now been added to the Coincodex cryptocurrency tracker! Keep up to date with all Adel’s latest news + prices through Coincodex. They even have a newsletter to get crypto updates straight to your inbox. Check it out here!

MarketCoinPrice▲ Tracker
$ADL has now been listed on Market Coin Price ! The website provides a summary our coin’s current and historical price as well important updates. Prices are updated every minute so you can keep up to date with how Adel and ADL are performing! 
Check it out here: