Adel Updates ▲ 2019.March.14

Bitcratic Listing ▲ $ADL
We are pleased to announce that Adelphoi is now listed on Bitcratic! As a semi decentralized exchange, Bitcratic is seeking to redistribute the world of Blockchain by providing a hassle-free trading experience! Be sure to follow us on twitter for the most up to date news and announcements!!/trade/ADL-ETH

Adel Ecosystem ▲ Handbook
We have created a consolidated handbook on the Adel Ecosystem - updated and loaded onto the Portal. If you are curious, want to be involved, or want to know more – this is the place to go! Register and download today for access to a diverse set of business planning opportunities!

Adel Portal v2.2 ▲ AdelWiki™
We are excited to announce the new features on AdelWiki! Users will now receive notifications when there are any updates on your incubated idea. AdelWiki is introducing a new Archived filter, now you can filter and view your archived projects on Incubation screen! Keep up with your friends and project partners via private message or tagging available on AdelWiki!

New Incubation Manager ▲ Adel Team
Adel is pleased to announce that Griffin Trent will be joining our team as the new Incubation Manager! Griffin is from Tennessee and has been working in product management, building products from conception to release. His passions include problem solving and blockchain innovation. We are excited to have a new catalyst for our I2P2E2 incubation process.

Adel Year in Review ▲ 2018 Snapshot
Over the past year, Adel has seen tremendous growth with over 50 ideas. Our team has expanded with six Partnerships and an advisory council consisting of IBM, PwC, and SPB! We are excited to announce some of our newly incubated projects AdelPoint and the Siesta Cloud.Become a part of the growth by registering today to become a founder and incubate ideas with industry experts! To find out more, check out our website

ADL Listing ▲ CoinLore
Adel has been added to CoinLore, a coin research and market platform. Stay plugged in on what’s going on with Adelphoi!