Blockchain Incubator Adel Launches First Decentralized, Anonymous and Encrypted File Transfer Service

  • Full AES256 file end to end browser encryption
  • Unique URL is generated for file transfer integrity
  • Files are transferred to the IPFS network and replicated on participating decentralized nodes
  • Anyone with spare hard drive space can participate and accumulate rewards.

PRAGUE, 18th December 2018 – Blockchain technology incubator Adel announces today the alpha launch of AdelPoint. This is Adel’s first released project since their successful launch in December 2016.

AdelPoint is an anonymous and encrypted, decentralized file transfer service. This browser-based application utilizes the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). Files are safely encrypted in the browser using AES256, before they are uploaded, thus ensuring end-to-end file obfuscation. Then a file verification hash is generated and embedded into a unique URL along with the encryption key. The sender delivers this unique URL in a secure manner to the recipient for retrieval. AdelPoint’s alpha release supports file transfers of up to 200 Megabytes (MB), allowing users to share files that far exceed the current limits of email applications. The next (beta) release will support profit sharing with infrastructure contributors through online advertisements, and file transfers over 500 MB.

Gabriel Dusil, Co-Founder and General Manager, Adel Ecosystem Ltd.: It is incredibly gratifying to see the fruits of our team’s hard work with the incubation of AdelPoint. Since launching version 2.0 of our portal last month, the Adel community have been evaluating over fifty promising ideas using our AdelWiki™. Popular ideas will graduate to the Project Planning stage where resources will be allocated for further development. AdelPoint is the first of many projects that our team plans to launch in 2019. Our aim to promote the effective use of blockchain for the global mass market.

AdelPoint has been designed from the ground up for consumer adoption. Users do not need any prior knowledge of coding, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, or hashing algorithms to utilize the app. Use of blockchain ensures file transfer integrity, decentralized resilience, and transparency. Any revenue accrued from AdelPoint’s ecosystem will be shared with AdelPoint’s Node Contributors.

About Adel: Adel is a resilient ecosystem for developing, supporting and funding innovative startups using blockchain technology. Founders of the community incubate ideas utilizing the AdelWiki™ and AdelChat™ modules. Participants are dedicated to accelerating business plans of cutting-edge projects while mentoring others through the stages of Idea Incubation, Project Planning, and Enterprise Execution. Adel harnesses Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) in a collaborative environment for showcasing and funding innovation.