Join AdelPoint as a Node Contributor

Why Collaborate?

Do you have free space on your hard drive and a good internet connection? Then AdelPoint is just the thing for you. Become part of our self-sustaining and decentralized community by securely sharing your drive space to help users transfer their files.

Please note, that AdelPoint is currently in the experimental (alpha) stage. Node contributors won’t initially receive awards for their participation, but this feature is planned for the next (beta) release. In the meantime, it will help us to test this concept further, and improve the resilience of the service.

Become a Node contributor and START SOMETHING GREAT!


By being part of our ecosystem, you will be supporting a community of like-minded individuals, who support decentralized ownership and prove that blockchain is a viable technology for the masses.


By participating in this shared economy you can rent your hard drives to others in exchange for ADL coins which are earned from displayed ads. If you have enough space, good internet connection and your PC is running all the time you actually won’t have any expenses and generate value over time.

Installing the AdelPoint Node

  1. Download the AdelPoint Node package for Windows or Linux.
  2. For Windows users, run the init.bat script. For Linux users, run the shell.
  3. After agreeing to the Terms and Conditions you will be prompted by the installation to set a password for your account.


  • AdelPoint Nodes requires at least 10GB of storage space on the participating PC
  • Open incoming TCP ports 30303, 4001, 9094, 9096 and UDP port 30303.

Running the AdelPoint Node

Three steps are requirement and need to be executed in the following order:

  1. Run eth.bat (Windows) or (Linux) - These are needed to run the Ethereum node and support the Ethereum network
  2. Run ipfs.bat (Windows) or (Linux) to run the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) service
  3. Run cluster.bat (Windows) or to run the IPFS-cluster service.

Running eth.bat (Windows) or (Linux) for the first time may take several hours as the Ethereum node needs to create a Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG) structures and to synchronize the blockchain.

For the latest Windows and Linux install versions, check the Adelpoint website.