Setting up a node for AdelPoint — By Oportunis

Adel is incubating a new project called AdelPoint -

When we talk about crypto for the masses this is it! No need to know anything about crypto, coding or blockchain. You just go to their website and upload anything up to 200MB, it will be automatically encrypted and a download link will be generated. All you need to do is to share that link privately with your friend and that is it. (of course, if you share it publicly all will gain access to it, so don’t post it on Facebook 😂).

Files stay up to 3 days and later they are automatically deleted. They have a working MVP and I’ll show you how to setup a node and support the network.

This is ALPHA so no rewards for testers, but with BETA they will offer rewards for running a node!!!
OK so first things first, we go to their webpage and scroll down to Installing the AdelPoint Node.

There you will find all the info on how to do it, but just in case I’ll show how it looks.

a) AdelPoint Nodes requires at least 10GB of storage space on the participating PC.
b) Open incoming TCP ports 30303, 4001, 9094, 9096 and UDP port 30303.

So, we select one option windows or linux. In my case, I have windows so I’ll download that one. Once you have it downloaded just unzip it and go to folder (on random it’s named AdelPointNode).

Select init.bat and double-click on it.

A new window will open asking about passphrase. Here you can type any password you like.

It will ask you to repeat your passphrase, so type the same password again.
You will see a bunch of code running but this is OK it will close once all is done.
Now we select eth.bat and run it.

It will ask us for the passphrase, so we type our password in and leave it running in the background.

You will see a lot of codes and sometimes it will show error, this is OK as it is ALPHA version and not many nodes are online.

Now we select ipfs.bat and run it.

The window should look like this, do not close it! Leave it running in the background.

Now we select cluster.bat and run it.

A window will open and again a bunch of code running, this is all OK. You might see an error and no worries as this is ALPHA and only small amount of nodes are online.

Leave it running in the background and this is it!!! Now you are a successful beta tester of AdelPoint!!!

If you would like to be involved in incubation of AdelPoint and see the end result check out