“Adelaide - Melbourne” Road Trip Pt. 1

May 2015.

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this writing platform. I really like using Medium to tell my stories since it organize my photos conveniently and beautifully. Once you get the hang of it, the aesthetic interface of Medium will set you up for writing in no bits. For this post, I will enlighten you with the story of my Australia trip during last year May.

It is inexpensive to plan a trip to Australia if you plan it ahead and with the help of few oversea friends. Take airflight for example, book it early and you could get a rate probably as low as MYR 900 inclusive of airport taxes. To get the most out of your trip (and airflight ticket), try to stay for at least a week to get a taste of the local scene.

My “autistic” travel mate inhaling the “fresh air” outside of Adelaide airport. lol jk.

For accommodation, plan according to your budget and needs. If you’re the luxury traveller, perhaps you may want to check out other articles. For the cheap adventurers, you should be expecting about AUD$20–60/night at the backpacker hotels / AirBNB services. If you happen to have friends who are over there, why not give them a call and see if you could bunk a night or two ? Buying them a meal (approx. AUD$ 10+) would also be cheaper than crashing in a cheap motel. During your stay, respect your host and make sure they are comfortable with your stay instead of just accommodating.

Got to stay a night here at a friend’s place. Came out to the lawn to drink some red wine and observe the stars while freezing my ass off during end of autumn. Also, I burnt a hole on my glove while keeping myself warm with a lighter.
Prancing around the neighbourhood for some food and shots.
I think they had a bit too much beer.

After exploring the town for a bit, we head on to the grocery chain stores to get our camping supplies. This was a camping road trip and we needed to get some food for our upcoming nights.

For camping food, it depends on what kind of camping trip you are on. There are caravan campers and the traditional tent campers. For caravan, you would have access to a better cooking facilities compared to just open fire woods. We picked the latter cos we’re poor.

Yes, alcohol confirmed.

Pasta, eggs, breads, canned food are easy and convenient if you could boil a pot of water over open fire to cook them.

How it looks like in Barossa Valley.

We took the road across the beautiful wineries in Barossa Valley. Along the way, you could always have some wine tasting session in one of Australia’s oldest wine regions. Be it traditional or the modern kind, they have it all over there.

Traditional cottage kind
Jacob’s creek

Then we had to get a camping spot before it gets dark because it is way much easier to set up a tent if you do not have to depend on artificial light sources (car headlamps or flash light). There are free camping grounds and those that you have to pay a small fee to camp in the site. It seems scary at first to camp in the middle of nowhere with another caravan approximately 50 metres away but we still managed to get through the night without getting murdered.

Left: Trees illuminated by our camp fire while I was shooting the stars. ; Right: Right.. who needs 5-star hotels when you have “million-star” camp tent..

That’s all for Part 1. Stay tune for Part 2! ☺

Here’s a goat for you. Goatbye.