How to Balance your Chakras Part 2 The Sacral Chakra

Find out simple ways to raise your energy vibrations. Let’s balance your Chakras and attract positive energy!

Welcome back to my series on How to Balance your Chakras. In the last installment, we learned about our energy centers, the Chakras and the meridians of our body. We also talked about how crystals can balance and clear those centers for optimum health.

If you need a refresher on the principles you can find the 1st Chakra properties and crystal examples of Smokey Quartz, Hematite, and Red Jasper here.

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We also touched on my experience with crystals. How when I found crystals, I saw positive changes in my behavior, ambition and lifestyle choices. Crystals are also the inspiration for the book series I’m writing. They are the main theme for this blog and the products I feature on Pinterest, Instagram, and my Facebook Page. Take a look and make sure to follow me!


Calcite Geode Pair Anthropologie

I find an easy way to have crystals in your everyday life is through home decor. I have items such as large geodes, salt lamps, wall art and carved sculptures placed around my home.

Here is a beautiful Calcite Geode Pair from Anthropologie.

When you have energy amplifying crystals in your space they can ward off negativity and keep your space in high vibration. Calcite can bring inner peace and calm to your home.

Another simple way to have crystals in your everyday life is to wear crystal jewelry. I wear mine at all times for protection from negative energy and as amplifiers to keep my energy balanced. When I feel calm, my intuition comes through and I can focus on the important things in life, like my partner Derek, our crazy adventures as Crystal Hunters, and growing our online business.

My go-to healing bracelet is my Chakra Healing Bracelet from Energy Muse. I really don’t feel like myself when I leave it at home, which isn’t often!

Chakra Bracelet from Energy Muse

The Chakra Bracelet has 21 healing crystals which relate to each of your 7 Chakras. We will discuss each of these stones throughout this series.

My creativity for my books and the flood of ideas started when I found crystals. This drive to build our business stems from the energy of the crystals in our home, and from the jewelry we wear. This sentiment is poignant as the crystals we discuss in this segment have creative properties and help build lasting relationships, whether personal or in business.

In this installment, we’ll delve into the 2nd Chakra called the Sacral Chakra. We’ll take a brief look at the properties of this Chakra and the crystals which help keep it clear and balanced.


The Adrenal Glands are the energy centers which relate to your Sacral Chakra, you can find it just below your navel. Our life sustaining energy centers around this area, which includes our creativity and our ability to cope with stress. This Chakra helps you form healthy relationships, fuels your enthusiasm and amplifies your joy in life. It is represented by the color ORANGE and relates to your sense of taste.

Its symbol is called Svadhisthana and is represented below.


When this Chakra is out of balance, because it is linked to the element water, it causes the kidneys and urinary track to have issues.

The Adrenal glands produce cortisol and this controls inflammation. When this Chakra is unbalanced it can affect your arthritis because of the balance of water, salt and sugar in your body. I love using my Carnelian Palm stone for my arthritis. The Adrenal glands also produce adrenalin and affect us when we are stressed, allowing us to react to flight or fight stimuli.

Sometimes when this Chakra is blocked it prevents the experience of unconditional love. Blockages stop energy from rising through your body during sexual intercourse, so love and emotion can’t rise to your heart. It is important to work on this Chakra so you can form strong and balanced relationships.

Oranges, pumpkins, sweet potatoes and peaches are supportive foods of the Sacral Chakra and the following crystals can be used to heal it.


Sacral Chakra crystals would include Carnelian for creative pursuits. I love Carnelian because it helps you make positive life choices and motivates you towards success.

I’ve found since this crystal came into my life my drive and passion towards positive change has increased immensely. It gave me confidence in myself to pursue my dreams and follow my creative desires. Carnelian also sharpens your concentration. I have a solid bead bracelet I wear to work when I need focus and to get things done.

Energy Muse has a fantastic Kali Mala Necklace with both Carnelian and Tiger’s Eye Sacral stones.

Kali Mala Necklace from Energy Muse

Worn for thousands of years, Carnelian also protected the dead on their journey in ancient times. I have found beautiful examples below, notice the carved images in the Carnelian rings.

Carved Carnelian Ring

Carved Carnelian Ring

Kept near the front door, Carnelian can attract wealth and creates a protective field around your home from negative energy. I keep my Carnelian on a dresser in front of my entry way. This area has become our Sacral Chakra crystals altar and includes Tiger’s Eye and Goldstone, along with Orange Calcite and a few other lovelies.


Tiger’s Eye removes blockages in your Sacral Chakra and allows energy to flow freely. This crystal has been worn for centuries as a talisman and protects against ill wishes and curses.

Tiger’s Eye Ring with Floral Accent

I wear solid Tiger’s Eye bracelets to assist me in accomplishing my goals. This stone helps you recognize your inner resources and promotes clarity of intention. It allows you to focus on the task at hand and accomplish positive changes.


Goldstone can help you stabilize your emotions and keeps you calm during your pursuits. Known as a stone of ambition, this stone will encourage the drive you need for your success. It also helps with sensuality and can revitalize your energy field, a perfect stone for intimacy. I love the sparkle in this stone.

You can find beautiful examples in the Shopping window below.

Orange Goldstone and Citrine 2-Tone Sterling Silver Ring

Crystal grids and healing bags are a wonderful way to incorporate daily crystal healing into your schedule. The Get Creative Crystal Healing Bag from Energy Muse includes Carnelian, Tiger’s Eye & Goldstone.

Get Creative Crystal Healing Bag from Energy Muse

If you are ever feeling burnt out or uninspired use these crystals to give you a boost. They stimulate the 2nd Chakra and help to increase your drive, promote creativity and help with your confidence.

Be sure to check out the next post in this series on How to Balance your Chakras Part 3 The Solar Plexus.

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Remember to download your copy of the 7 Chakras and a summary of their properties, with a bonus of the peak energy times of the 12 Meridians.




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