The Organic Metaverse NFT Collections

Welcome ‘into’ two new NFT collections of items (2022) minted personally on Polygon (1/1 photo/art editions) and Ethereum (1/5 ‘super’ editions), both via Opensea.

Note: There are also some extra editions on Ethereum via Makersplace.

What are they about?

Free Roam: Open World France : Personal Nature Explorations

These collections are not about money. Collecting one of more of the NFT items is unlikely to earn you money. They are mostly affordable NFTs because I don’t believe in the high prices currently attached to so many NFTs. That’s not to say they didn’t take time and effort to compose, enhance and prepare!

They probably wouldn’t exist without smartphones. Even if I owned a ‘professional’ camera I’d probably not have been able to sporadically capture images I noticed and liked enough out in the fields or garden. In that sense I often felt like a bee myself, collecting images quickly for their potential sweetness later in an application where I could enhance and explore what I had seen. I was ‘open’ to the act of capturing images and nature, in a certain timeframe, and that’s why these images now exist. We can take time to look at them better and imagine… possibilities. This is also why I love photography, smartphones and apps for exploring (and collecting) nature and its diversity, depending on where you live. In rural SW France, there is much to see, and learn.

I’m not always ‘open’ in this way, because I may be exploring other things in art, going forward, so this means the collections aren’t ‘evolving’ and may involve mostly 2022.

So… the Organic Metaverse consists of simple, expressive collections of enhanced findings, celebrating and exploring Nature — plants, organic structures, natural forms — subjects mostly growing in France.

Also inspired by: video games and concepts of virtual simulations of Nature.

I’ve always loved playing video games or watching movies based in, or utilizing, natural forms. You could say that’s almost every game, but less often is where Nature is the playground, large or all-encompassing, or is integrated in fluid or central ways. Even then, you see only familiar plant species or trees represented. Many successful games are just indie games like Flower. Jumping between leaves, turning into insects, traversing plant structures etc etc…there is still great potential. Let’s hope VR games can bring this about even better.

I hope to include some VR-based captures/models, besides 2D sketches…

Rights: Owners/collectors : may use the content however they wish, including build or elaborate upon it, or via the creation of 3D models.
(Exact copies obviously prohibited).
It’s hoped these collections provide useful reference, decoration, inspiration…

Just remember this about NFTs and rights from this great article:
The buyer owns the non-fungible token, who can destroy it, resell it, give it away, or do whatever they want with it. The creative content, however, is not owned by the buyer. The purchaser has purchased only a license to use the creative content. The content author owns all rights, titles, and interests in the original content.

I encourage everyone to explore Nature via photography etc. and uncover its video game-style details, treasures and creations.


Dec 2021+

See also: ‘Fountellion in the Spiral’ collection (a game project/idea set within a living virtual world: boreal biome).

Update 2022: the collection will also tie in with my outdoor project and blog ‘Nature Notes‘.

Note: Present owners of other NFTs from my work, may be airdropped items from this collection for free.




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