Our Mission: A Message to New AMaaS Users

Welcome to AMaaS, this is our commitment to the next generation of ad tech AI.

We’re an expert team of designers, developers, data scientists & marketers building the next generation of ad tech AI and we need your advertising data to do it, we need you to invest with us and we promise to always build for you solutions that leverage real data science to optimize your advertising better than any human team alone and at a scale not achievable by humans overall.

Because adding real AI to ad optimization is so new, at the beginning this may feel more like an experiment than a mature product but together and very quickly we’ll get to a point where everyone feels comfortable using AI in this way, no longer wondering how or even if they should.

As a pioneer you stand to be one of the first to benefit from this next generation of ad tech AI. You’ll focus on your creative strategy and AMaaS will help you iterate that strategy by relentlessly optimizing all of your ads towards their highest sustained conversion rate.

We’re here to solve ad optimization in an intellectually honest way.

We’re so committed to this mission that we’re offering a pricing model unheard of in ad tech and AI, you only pay a fee to us when your conversion rate increases. Together we’ll change advertising forever.

Welcome to next generation ad tech AI, welcome to AMaaS.

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We want you to love AMaaS so we’re offering a free 30-day trial with no budget limits (launching May 1st, 2018) at: https://www.adext.ai