Blogging on WebCenter Portal

How to create a blog in WebCenter Portal

Blogs are part of the collaboration features that WebCenter offers and they are really easy to setup.


  1. Have WebCenter Content running.
  2. Create a folder in WebCenter Content that’s going to hold your blogs.

Steps to enable blogs in WebCenter:

  1. Create a WebCenter Portal Application
  2. Create a Page for your WebCenter Portal Application
  3. Add a Content Repository Connection

After this setup, you have 2 options to integrate Blogs into your portal.

1. Extend Connections->Content Repository and select the Folder you want to use to store your blogs.

2. Drag and Drop the folder to your page and select Blogs

This will add automatically the reference ID for the Taskflow:

The second option is to add the taskflow manually to your page and add the resourceId manually:

Note: Remember to add “Page Customizable” if you want to manipulate the taskflow in runtime.


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