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A Daydream Café

To the Girls Who

Photo by Luke Ellis-Craven on Unsplash

Have a million dreams
that have never come to fruition

To those who made friends so quickly
only to have lost them

To those who weren’t diagnosed until late
but looking back it’s obvious

To those relieved by the diagnosis
and yet wonder still if it’s an excuse

To those who struggled to get along with other girls
and even now it can be painful

To those who struggled with a career path
because they want to be everything

To those who move forward by pure instinct
and so far, so good

To those who are sitting on a task
and it’s becoming painful

To those who feel like imposters
with everything, even their own age

To those who showing up on time
is an achievement

To those who know they are smart
and yet feel they have nothing to show

To those who get discouraged
but never give up

To the night owls, the wild painters, the dramatic writers, the daredevils, the wanderers, the dreamers, the never enoughers, to the chaotic, beautiful messes that you are:

This one’s for you.




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