About Reading with ADHD & Friends

Welcome to a community of readers and writers with ADHD!

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What’s special about reading with ADHD?

Reading with ADHD is imagination and hyperfocus colliding with distractions and forgetfulness. A perfect, yet sometimes impossible match!

An ADHD perspective on books can relate to themes, representation, characters, technical issues and many other facets, all affecting the ADHD experience while reading.

The community

This publication sprang from online communities by the same name active on Twitter, Facebook and Discord. Do join us there, too! These are the places to share the joys and horrors of reading (or listening, touching, or “consuming” texts in any way) with ADHD, rants and lots of support.

With this publication joining in, we now have a place for longer, in-depth discussions, book reviews and stories related to reading with ADHD… and friends.

Who are the “friends”?

The community involves not only readers but also writers, parents, teachers, librarians — anyone seeking to facilitate reading for us.

Also, readers and allies with other neurodivergence or other reading differences are welcome to join in the conversation and contribute further perspectives.

Who is behind this?

Me! I’m Adva Shaviv. I write ADHD fantasy and live ADHD reality, finally better understood after a late diagnosis.

✨ My ADHD fantasy fairy tale is available for a free read! ✨

I write about my writing in my other Medium publication, ADHD Fantasy Wonderland.

Would you like to join this publication as a writer?

If you’d like to publish book reviews from an ADHD perspective, or other stories relevant to the community, be it as consistent contributions or one-offs — please fill in your details in this form:

If you don’t see the form above, or face any problems filling it in, please click here for the form’s page.



Books reviews, tips for easier reading/ listening and other joys and horrors of reading with ADHD, including friends (other neurodivergents or diverse readers).

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