AdHive Presale Closed with $5.5 million in 36 Minutes

We are excited to announce that the AdHive Presale was completed successfully, breaking the hardcap in just 36 minutes!

After months of hard work and sleepless nights we sold ADH Tokens for a total of $5.5 million during the Presale, and due to insane demand and a delay of transactions data, we even exceeded the hardcap limit. We would like to thank everyone for their immense support! Although we had anticipated a high level of interest in our project, technology and team, the attention we received turned out to be surprisingly intense! We will put every effort at generating the same or even greater demand during the Token Sale.

AdHive stats speak for themselves:

  • Presale closed in 36 minutes;
  • 34,401,832.83 ADH Tokens sold for a total amount of $5,491,749 during the Presale phase;
  • 2140 people from more than 50 countries took part in the Token Presale;
  • Over 16K Whitelist members;
  • Over 10K members in our English chat on Telegram;
  • Over 6K influencers registered on the AdHive Platform.

“With the reception that AdHive has received from the community and the number of inquiries from potential Token buyers, we were confident that the Presale would be over in a single day. But it happened even in almost half an hour!” — Vadim Budaev, AdHive Co-Founder

Presale details:

  • We set up a 50 ETH cap and it successfully ensured participation of many community members in our Presale.
  • During the Presale we experienced a number of DDOS attacks, but we handled all threats successfully and there was no impact on our services.
  • Upon numerous requests from the community to prevent gas wars, we applied a “first come, first served” principle, which also included API Etherscan, and its delay led to the late triggering of the hardcap closure.

AdHive announce:

  • All Presale participants will be granted the stated Bonus and the number of Tokens listed in their personal accounts. Only 2 buyers who exceeded the 50 ETH limit will get the surplus refunded, as stated in the terms of the Presale.
  • Due to the incredible interest in our platform and ADH Tokens in particular, we intend to attract more influencers and roll out a much more aggressive marketing campaign than we had initially planned to.
  • Our plans concerning the Token Sale remain unchanged (LINK).

Get ready for the Token Sale Phase 1: February 21, 2018

If you were too late for the Presale, don’t be upset as you will be able to buy ADH Tokens very soon. A new Token Sale Whitelist with new terms will be developed and announced soon. The first right to purchase will be granted to all Token Sale Whitelist members. We will set up tight personal limits for Token purchases to involve as many community members as possible. The deposit system will be implemented for easier Token purchase and to reach the hardcap more accurately. We are going to announce all the details in this Medium blog and will also email everyone.

Brighter future

This is just the beginning, but we are closer to a new era of influencer marketing, where advertisers can launch massive campaigns with influencers in just a few clicks, and influencers are free from any negotiations.

Dmitriy Malyanov, AdHive Co-Founder said, “Today marks a historic day with AdHive receiving a remarkable welcome with its exciting vision to disrupt traditional advertising. We are all set to usher in a new age of influencer marketing through a platform that is truly open, secure, democratic and powered by the community itself.”

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