Cards On The Table: AdHive Reveals Figures

Everyone loves blockchain for transparency this technology brings to relations between token sellers and buyers. However, not all blockchain projects are ready for full transparency. AdHive has attracted attention of the community due to the in-depth development of the platform, smooth execution of the Token Sale and openness of the team.

Today, we are taking a step forward as we disclose all the statistics pertaining to the number of customers, purchases, bonuses, circulating supply, Token pools, vesting periods and vesting smart contracts. What’s more, we will provide the addresses of wallets containing the founders’ Tokens. Have you ever seen anything like this before?

Let’s start with some infographics, which will schematically depict the most important points.

Token buyers:

More than 25 thousand people from 120+ countries were added to the Whitelist. 5,839 purchases were made at all stages of the Token Sale, 5,177 people supported the project, 13% of whom participated in several stages of the Token Sale.


The average weighted level of bonuses is only 17.9%. Vesting was applied to all large bonuses of early stage participants.

Token pools:

392,000,000 ADH will be released in total and 58,000,000 ADH will be burned. Despite reaching the Hardcap, not all of the Tokens allocated for the Presale and the first Token Sale Phase were sold. The technical limit was 450 million Tokens. The Hardcap was fixed in US dollars and the Token price was tied to ETH. Under this model, reaching the Hardcap does not necessarily coincide with the achievement of the technical limit of the Tokens. This model allowed us to overcome and negate the effects of ETH high volatility. 58 million Tokens will be burned proportionally from all the pools.

  • Tokens sold at the Presale + Token Sale Phase 1: 117,600,336.7 ADH — 30% of all Tokens. While 28,955,414.73 of them have a vesting period of up to 9 months.
  • Token Sale Phase 2: 117,600,336.7 ADH — 30% of all Tokens (vesting for 2 years, lock-up period of 12 months. Further on, the Tokens will be unfrozen in equal portions (9,800,028.06 every month).
  • Network Growth Pool: 62,719,326.6 ADH — the Tokens of this pool will be used to attract partners, advertisers and bloggers for community and ecosystem development. In addition, some of the Tokens from the network growth pool are aimed at creating an option pool for key project employees. Some of the Tokens are used for the Bancor Token Changer reserve. 75% of this pool (47,039,494.95 ADH) have a uniformly distributed vesting period of 18 months.
  • AdHive Founders: 45,080,000 ADH — the Tokens of the founders with vesting of up to 18 months (3 equal portions of 15,026,666.67 ADH with a vesting period of 3, 9 and 18 months)
  • Advisory board: 23,520,000 ADH — the Tokens of this pool are subject to a uniformly distributed vesting period of 6 months
  • Community grants and Bounties: 13,720,000 ADH. Of these, only 114,176 ADH were allocated for the Bitcointalk bounty awards, and most of the Tokens will be used for the bloggers’ bounty, which is aimed at increasing the platform’s awareness among bloggers and attracting new bloggers to the platform.
  • Reserve fund : 7,840,000 ADH, legal compliance: 3,920,000 ADH. All the Tokens from this and the previous section will have a uniformly distributed vesting of 3 months, later the Tokens will be used in accordance with the stated goals for the development of the platform.

Circulating supply:

Current circulating supply: 104,324,753.618 ADH Tokens.

Vesting Smart Contracts and Their Audit:

The smart contract with multi-signature and vesting functions was created to store ADH Tokens, its audit and code are available on GitHub. All the Tokens will be distributed over 4 smart contracts:

Smart contract 1:

This smart contract will store the Tokens of Presale and Token Sale Phase 1 customers with vesting. The bonus Tokens of early Token Sale buyers, apart from Public Presale, are subject to vesting. This means that large buyers who have received bonuses above the average level will not be able to influence the price of the Token. 
Link to the contract.

Smart contract 2:

This smart contract will store the Tokens of the founders (11.5% of all Tokens). They are provided with vesting period of up to 18 months. The founders are interested in long-term development of the project and are therefore ready for such openness. 
Link to the contract.

Smart contract 3:

The Tokens of Token Sale Phase 2 will be stored on this smart contract. They will be sold primarily to participants of previous Token Sale stages and users interested in the long-term development of the platform. The second phase will take place over time to minimize the impact on the market price of the Token. These Tokens are subject to a uniformly distributed vesting of 24 months (including a lock-up period of 12 months). Expansion into new markets and segments is planned after Token Sale Phase 2, accompanied by a large-scale marketing campaign to attract bloggers and advertisers. 
Link to the contract.

Smart contract 4:

This wallet stores the Network growth pool Tokens (vesting up to 18 months), the advisors’ Tokens (vesting up to 6 months), the bounty, the reserve fund and the legal compliance Tokens. The company will use the Tokens from this wallet to motivate advertisers, partners and key employees. 
Link to the contract.

AdHive manifesto

We believe that the community will appreciate the high standard of transparency and openness of AdHive. We call on all blockchain projects to adhere to this level of openness and we have started with ourselves!