Game-Changing AI-Controlled Advertising!

The global TV ad expenditure is expected to increase from 175 billion U.S. dollars in 2016 to 210 billion in 2020. The market is smothered by big players and the entry level advertising has become out of reach for the up and comers.

The rise of blockchain decentralized networks has presented an opportunity to take the power from the hands of top levels and distribute it more evenly.

AdHive’s solution is best fit to tackle the industry and provide a solution using blockchain technology coupled with AI-controlled Speech and Visual Recognition modules.

Utilizing Ethereum Blockchain and Smart Contracts, AdHive solution will automate the process of verifying advertising tasks using AI Speech and Visual modules and control the payments between advertisers and bloggers/vloggers using smart contracts.

The main advantage for advertisers using AdHive’s platform, as opposed to agencies, is the ability to select a targeted group of Bloggers and utilize their network whilst ensuring the result will 100% meet the requirements.

For every blogger connected to the platform AdHive retrieves data about the audience of the blogger’s linked channels (YouTube) via API: number of video views, likes, comments, subscribers, involvement of the audience, audience geography, duration of the views, etc.

Advertiser will receive an overview and list of bloggers whose channels match their required audience closely, allowing easily manageable targeted ad campaigns, 100% perfectly executed ad tasks and cost effective optimization of a targeted audience.

Ensuring the integrity and quality of bloggers, AdHive will implement a ranking system, seamlessly maintained by blockchain technology. Using a smart contract solution, this will ensure consistent and transparent results, eliminating the risk of manipulating the AdHive ecosystem.

With a strong Team and business model, AdHive is set to disrupt the Advertising Industry and counteract the uneven distribution by big advertising players. Set for a February 2018 Initial Coin Public Offer, ADH Tokens will be the new advertising currency of choice in forthcoming years ahead.

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