First 3000 influencers on the platform

We are thrilled to announce that the number of influencers interested in AdHive keeps growing! 3,000 people have already registered on the platform. That’s what we call a good start of the year.

In order to increase the number of opinion makers on the platform, AdHive provides a very easy promotional mechanism for participants with promotional Tokens which could be obtained by attracting new Adhivers. The Tokens can be used afterwards as a Security deposit only and would be transferred to the influencer after the ad task completion in addition to the reward.

AdHive is focused on the establishment of a global decentralized native video ad network. The AdHive ecosystem will be built as a long-term cooperative effort where advertisers have an opportunity to be involved in the dynamic market of native video advertising, and participants of the platform will be able to grow their capabilities and gain a profit from participating in a variety of advertising and quality assessment tasks.