The wait is over — AdHive Beta is here

We know everyone’s been looking forward to our new product release, and here we are, AdHive Beta is available at It is a very important milestone. First things first, we would like to thank our supportive community, especially the early Beta testers. The platform is up for some influencer marketing action and first campaigns are already running! It is a great pleasure to see something you put so much effort into working. The Platform is not just a concept or idea anymore. It is a working product. And we are limitlessly proud. Check it for yourself!

Even though it is only a beta version, it has everything an advertiser needs to easily launch campaigns with influencers. And they already do! Apart from beta itself we are excited to present you the first advertisers who tested the Platform. They completed the whole cycle on the Platform and brought the first revenues to AdHive ecosystem. Further we would like to tell you more about these campaigns, if you want to know more about the Platform itself check this article.

First advertisers, first campaigns and first completed tasks.

The first campaign was launched by a company Druzhustelom (word-to-word “I am friends with my body”) founded by a well-known Russian pop singer and Instagram + YouTube blogger Rita Dakota. The company provides its clients (mostly women) with personally designed wellness and fitness programs as well as lifestyle guides.

The second advertising campaign is in progress and is currently run by a popular cashback service Switips, which cooperates with such companies as, Nike, Adidas, Xiaomi, Delivery Club, Aviasales and many others.

Here are just some examples of completed tasks:

As AdHive is already performing, we invite advertisers and influencers to join the Platform. We are attracting brands and running advertising campaigns in some Asian and European countries. A full roll-outs in specific regions will be additionally announced.

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