What is Native Advertising?

The evolution of the Internet opened up wide opportunities for people. Especially warmly it was received by marketers. They acquired a new tool for interaction with the target audience.

Today everyone is on the Internet. Therefore, old methods of brand promotion are not relevant anymore. People grew tired of them anyway. Internet users, especially the younger generation, are interested in the dynamics, vibrancy and speed of information sources. That is why native video advertising is by far the most effective tool in the hands of marketers.

Our AdHive platform is designed for placing native video content. For the advertising campaign to be successful, an advertiser should understand the formats of the content being posted. Let’s find out what native advertising is exactly.

Native ad formats

Today native video content can be divided in two main categories:

-In-read. Basically, an advertising video placed directly on a page. It usually starts automatically and pops up in the middle of a page. In order for a user to perceive the ad, video must be relevant to the page topic. This way the chance of it being watched until the end is repeatedly increasing. The downside of this format is that user is initially read-oriented and may not be ready for the pop-up video;

-In-feed. In this case, an advertisement looks like a part of a news feed. Also, a native video content created by bloggers can be included in this format. Advertising naturally blends into the video content posted by a blogger.

The in-feed format is considered to be the most effective way of advertising within native video ads. It is perceived by users as more relevant and natural. That is why such advertising is less annoying. The in-feed format shows an increase in user engagement by 8%. Due to this, brand advertised in such a way is better remembered by the target audience.

The AdHive platform allows you to post native video ads in the in-feed format. At the same time, content will be placed by bloggers, social networks and similar platforms. With the automation of the ad placement process, our advertising campaign will provide maximum coverage of the target audience in just 5 minutes!

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