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Global Voices stories from around the world about the ongoing crisis

Global Voices
Mar 23 · 4 min read

Curated by @nevin_thompson from the weekly Global Voices newsletter digest | View newsletter online →

There is little doubt that 2020 will be remembered in world history as the year COVID-19 brought unprecedented challenges to human societies and reshaped global relations. The coronavirus dominates the news, and North America and Western Europe receive much more attention than the rest of the world. But COVID-19 is hitting many countries hard, and many societies lack resilient health care systems, social safety nets, strong public communications, or the means for people to create social distance.

Global Voices began covering China’s coronavirus outbreak in January 2020. As an international network of reporters present across the world and speaking over 100 languages, we rapidly expanded our coverage to address the effects of COVID-19 around the world, with a focus on populations and communities that haven’t been receiving global attention.

We have organized our coverage based on regions on our COVID-19 Global Coverage page. We’ve also collected the most recent COVID-19 stories from around the globe in this special edition of the Weekly Digest newsletter.

Our goal is to present the various ways in which COVID-19 affects human and digital rights from a local perspective.

As the country marked its first deaths, more Russians are staying indoors

The anger directed at the WHO’s Director-General has gone viral.

Coronavirus cases could have been reduced by 66 per cent if measures had been taken a week earlier, a study suggested.

Three Wall Street Journal reporters were expelled on March 18.

Using Italy as an example, the prime minister warned the consequences will be grave if Trinbagonians do not adhere to the guidelines.

But messaging and communication around preventative measures remain a challenge.

Mozambique has imposed a 14-day quarantine for people arriving from affected countries and prohibited gatherings of more than 300 people.

“We don’t need an existential threat to remind us that Nigeria lacks leadership.”

The health sector is facing a shortage of face masks.

Bangladeshis who return from affected COVID-19 countries must home-quarantine. But a lack of monitoring has led to concerns that the disease may spread rapidly.

People on social media are wondering if measures taken by the government are adequate.

Turkmen officials aim to keep the virus away by closing borders, testing incoming travellers, and burning an aromatic desert grass.

A conversation with Levi Sucre Romero, Bribri leader.

“Was there a monster that was loved so quickly in such a short time?”

Self-quarantined? Dive into the 2020 OCM Bocas Prize for Caribbean Literature longlist.

Curated by @nevin_thompson from the weekly Global Voices newsletter digest | View newsletter online →


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