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Memorial poles on public display behind glass at the Royal British Columbia Museum (RBCM) in Victoria, B.C., Canada. The poles are originally from SG̱ang Gwaay llnagaay (Ninstints, on Haida Gwaii) and date back to the 1880s. The poles were removed from SG̱ang Gwaay llnagaay and purchased by the RBCM in 1957. On the left, in the background, is a Quatsino “Potlatch Figure” from the community of X̱wa̱tis on northern Vancouver Island, was acquired by RBCM in 1911. Photo by Nevin Thompson.

Kim Kardashian, cultural appropriation, and genocide

Is cultural appropriation really just a harmless exchange of ideas?

Less than a week after Kim Kardashian launched a controversial new brand, Twitter declared victory and she was forced to retreat. Kardashian caused an international social media firestorm on June 25 when she announced plans to launch “Kimono”, a personal line of…




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