Adios, California — Day 6

Odessa,TX to Austin,TX (July 18, 2015)

By: Tim Monreal

We make it to Austin in great time. The drive was much shorter than we thought. It’s nice when that happens. We nap for a few minutes and open up the nightly debate about dinner.

Austin has no shortage of spectacular food options, but Liz and I are vegetarians. Go ahead, take a few moments to lob some California jokes our way. I enjoy it. Thankfully, Austin’s bohemian reputation is quite accurate. It isn’t hard to find a vegan restaurant serving comfort food.

We polish off Southern Baked Seitan, Mac and Cheese, and some scrumptious veggies. Did I mention the jalapeño cornbread was delicious? Life is good.

I convince Liz to spend a few minutes of our evening watching a colony of bats exit Congress Avenue Bridge. This is definitely a ‘Tim’ destination. Kooky, off-beat, and senseless. I love my wife. We arrive and grab a space at the rail. We wait patiently as the sun dips and the crowd grows. Soon a small group weasels next to us, our space evaporates, and we elbow for a few more inches.

We wait anxiously. It is crowded, it is hot. The sun sets. Nothing. We continue to stare at the bridge beneath us. A few bats sneak into the new dark of the night. Come on.

Where are the millions I was promised?

We remain not because we want to see the bats as much as we don’t want to leave. We are committed. We are stubborn. We can’t go, not now. What is a few more minutes? It gets darker and darker.

I turn to Liz, “Five more minutes?”


Three minutes later we leave. No bats.

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