PCORN platform

We are team of professionals, who believe in great future of advanced entertainment services for adults.

We developed advanced platform for adult entertainment services, known as PCORN platform. Now two services already launched live on PCORN platform. These are www.porncorn.video streaming web site and porncorn android app. Hundreds of thousands people around the world already using our services.

We believe, that adult entertainment services should be and will be at the cutting edge of technologies as 4K and 8K video content, 3D and Holographic video, VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality) and AI(artificial intelligence) and even more not yet known directions.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency is one of such technologies. We are, PCORN, is the first live adult entertainment project, with live products, but not just promises, which will be integrated with blockchain technology. Blockchain technology to be integrated into PCORN platform and all its services, including www.porncorn.video web site and porncorn android app. We are issuing PCC coins (tokens), a cryptocurrency, which will be accepted as payment currency for PCORN services, free traded at exchanges, and furthermore PCC will be accepted by others adult entertainment services providers.

With employment of blockchain technology and launching PCC coins, all our users will gain new level of privacy, confidentiality and securityprotection of their money while using adult services.

General information about PCC coin (tokens)

Token Logo:

Token Name:PornCorn Token

Token Symbol:PCC

Token standard:Ethereum ERC20 compatible

Token Decimals:18

Max quantity:1,000,000,000 PCC

Initial fixed price:0.0002 ETH per 1 PCC token

Special discounts available for ICO early buyers

All remaining PCC tokens, which are not distributed during ICO, will be burned (disposed) on the ICO completion date. No more PCC tokens to be issued, other than distributed during ICO

DISCOUNTS for Early Buyers

Early buyers can enjoy following discounts:

50% discount first 72 hours, 1 PCC price is 0.0001 ETH (NOW)

30% discount next 7 days, 1 PCC price is 0.00014 ETH

15% discount next 14 days, 1 PCC price is 0.0017 ETH

No discounts (0%) final 14 days, 1 PCC price is 0.0002 ETH

Start: September 20th — Sale Open!

End: November 20th, 2017

ICO Hard Cap: 95,000 ETH

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