World’s first decentralized lead generation platform

Project Mission is a decentralized lead generation and sourcing platform working based on the principles of blockchain technology and smart-contracts.

We use crowdsourcing data collection to grow our database of potential leads. This method of data collection puts us a step ahead of other lead generation services who depend on centralized models of data collection.
Thanks to our smart reward system, we’ve further incentivized contributors to regularly renew old data and keep our database up-to-date.
This system allows us to boost revenue from selling each lead and reward all process participants proportionally.
Data on all transactions between contributors and customers are stored in a distributed register. All purchases and sales transactions are carried out through smart-contracts to ensure the transactions’ security.

We find the main principles of quality data provision to be as follows:

  • Source of Lead Information Transparency.
    Client can see the full history of the lead, including the lead source, the time when data was added to the system, the number of times the data was already sold, clients’ reviews about contributor and other details.
  • Data Exclusivity and High-Quality Information.
    The system guarantees relevance of information. There is no chance that you’ll purchase leads with invalid email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Data Updates
    This feature provides you with the opportunity to receive immediate notifications upon changes in data of any lead.

Benefits for Platform Clients

We will release 2,5 billion SNOV tokens, and their number will forever remain the same. Tokens can be fractionalized to the eighth digit past the decimal point.

Tokens will be used to reward contributors in case the data was purchased. For this purpose, 10% of emitted tokens is reserved. When this reserve is exhausted, Snovio will buy the tokens back from exchanges.

Token Use and Distribution

SNOV tokens will be actively used for internal accounting between contributors and the platform.

We will release 1,5 billion tokens with the ticker symbol SNOV for the token sale at a base price of $0.01 USD. The token sale will be launched on the 31st of October and will last till the 30th of November

Token pre-sale through Whitelist program will run before the token sale: 
from September, 4 to October, 30, starting at 11:00 UTC. 
The minimum purchase is $5,000 (minimum purchase of $1 are allowed during the public ICO).
The discount and bonus sizes will depend on the purchase amount and will be determined till September 4. 
To apply pleas fill in this form

Distribution of emitted tokens

Application of Raised Funds

The funds raised through the ICO will be applied in the following ways over the course of the next two years:

  • $3m — Expanding and strengthening our team (development, marketing, sales department) in our Kiev office and opening two new offices (most likely in Dublin and New York). Hiring and retaining legal protection for all key markets.
  • $2m — Enhancing system efficiency. This includes distributing servers in different places around the world to increase system stability and the system’s overall speed.
  • $5m — Marketing and PR. This includes exhibitions at all key conferences, exhibitions, and events dedicated to lead generation, sales, and marketing.
  • $2m — Attracting new contributors to the system.
  • $2m — Promoting the idea of crowdsourcing data collection and decentralized lead generation across the world.
  • $1m — Reserve fund for purchasing only the highest-quality lead generation databases from large data providers on special conditions. The idea of crowdsourcing data collection suits working with individual users, but we will require a different strategy of approach to work with larger players who own databases with exclusive contact data