Why I created the “design project canvas”

We constantly find that everybody is wildly creative, whether they know it or not.

So then, what blocks us from pursuing our creativity?

Many times, it can be difficult to communicate our idea, to others

other times it can also be overwhelming to even know where to start with an idea

And most commonly, our creative confidence is low and we loose our courage, to act

Where there are blocks in the way, it is our job, to remove them

Let’s build your creative confidence with the Design project canvas

A tool that takes your idea to implementation with a framework that helps you discuss, map, and innovate new creative projects

The canvas is divided into 7 pieces

  1. Begin by defining the challenge that inspires you

2. Next Think about the audience that will benefit from the exploring the challenge

3. Then List constraints that are stopping you from pursuing this idea

4. To turn your idea into a project you should identify important milestones, determine tangible deliverables, and list tasks

5. Consider putting together a team that can bring different insights and skills

6. Go on to recognize variables that can change and impact execution

7. And to complete the canvas, plan an iterative implementation strategy that focuses on monitoring and evaluating your project

Until you experiment a little, it’s impossible for you to realize your creativity.

Let’s explore that creativity by bringing what you know to design project canvas, so you can work on meaningful projects that produce real value to you.

Download the canvas here