Aditus Attends Ethereum Gathering in Hong Kong

The Aditus Network founders impress crypto-veterans in a session sponsored by InvestHK.

Hong Kong: Aditus Network founders Julian Peh and Olivier Burlot held a met-and-greet session with members of the Ethereum community in Hong Kong last week Thursday.

Held at Duddell’s on Duddell Street, Hong Kong, the event was a casual gathering that set the lifestyle tone for Aditus, a blockchain-powered luxury platform based in Singapore. Peh and Burlot were in town to introduce the idea of crypto-affluents to veterans and enthusiasts of the crypto scene in Hong Kong.

Peh and Burlot are also veterans of the luxury media, through publishing company Heart Media in Singapore. They are also well known in the Hong Kong media scene, as publishers (or former publishers) of such titles as Asia-Pacific Boating and Baccarat.