Aditus Launches Advertising and Branding Campaigns in Luxury Magazines

With the Aditus Network ICO underway, advertising messages in Men’s FOLIO and L’Officiel Singapore begin appearing this month.

Aditus advertising visual currently running in Men’s FOLIO and L’Officiel Singapore

8 December, Singapore: The Aditus Network ICO is still underway, but our team is already looking ahead to the roll-out, with a full-fledged branding campaign in the real world, with advertising spreads running in the December issues of Men’s FOLIO and L’Officiel Singapore.

This will be a long-term campaign running in multiple magazines, including WOW, WOW Jewellery, Art Republik, Yacht Style and Palace. Men’s FOLIO, L’Officiel Singapore, WOW, WOW Jewellery and Art Republik are published by Heart Media in Singapore; Yacht Style and Palace are regional titles published by Lux Inc.