Blockchain VC District 13 Invests in Aditus, Strategic Partnership Announced

Singapore, December 07, 2017: Aditus, which aims to connect crypto-affluents with the world of luxury lifestyle, has received an investment from, and will enter into a partnership with, District 13.

District 13 (D13) is a dynamic blockchain investment and support syndicate, drawing on the expertise of 30 cross-sector specialists. The team includes individuals with high-level experience in a diverse range of industries, in key global cities, who all hold the common goal of expanding blockchain technology into everyday life. They have been active and early investors in a number of blockchain startups, most recently supporting the Neo-based projects QLink and THEKEY.

As part of the partnership, D13 will work on promoting Aditus to its international network, while Aditus will gain a valuable roll-out network deep within the crypto-affluent community.

Emil Hjorth, Lead Investor of District 13 said “Crypto-affluents are an emerging class that is growing in tandem with a new generation of wealth, created by the blockchain. Aditus will be the first to cater to this growing market, with private and direct access to worldwide luxury products. The team has very strong experience within the field and are already delivering on their proposed roadmap, ahead of schedule. D13 partnered with Aditus because we see them as the right team, to deliver in a market that will be booming from 2018 onwards”

Julian Peh, Co-Founder of Aditus said “We are extremely happy to be working with D13. Their influential networks will help us to acquire partners and build up our crypto-affluent user-base faster, and accelerate our goal of connecting crypto-affluents with luxury merchants.”

For more information on D13, visit

About Aditus

Aditus is the world’s first luxury access platform bridging luxury merchants and crypto-affluents on a revolutionary decentralised network. The Aditus team brings years of experience working with hundreds of luxury brands across multiple product categories.

For more information, please visit the Aditus website, or use the following channels to connect with the Aditus Network.




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