Explainer: How Aditus (ADI) Tokens are used, situations and tokenomics

In June 2018, Aditus will launch the Aditus Concierge service: offering end-to-end locate-and-purchase solutions for luxury goods and services. These include villa leasing, yacht charter services and the acquisition of prized artwork and real estate.

The Aditus Concierge involves both technical components (e.g. Aditus Pay) and non-technical elements (networks, partnerships) to serve crypto-affluents in our business model.

This is an explanation of how the ADI token fits within our business model and ecosystem, and how our tokenomics serve to incentivise the right behaviour from all ecosystem participants:


After a few months of commencing merchant and partner acquisition, as well as serving our first customers during our soft launch, the Aditus Concierge platform will soon be ready to all users.

The Aditus Concierge is an end-to-end service serving crypto affluents in locating and acquiring big ticket artworks, yachts (purchase & charters), top-tier real estate as well as customising travel packages and arranging villa leasing in addition to other bespoke services.

A taste of luxury courtesy of Aditus VIP

To get to this stage, we had to become the first in the industry to educate luxury merchants on the needs of crypto-affluents; while also creating the necessary tools and partnerships to enable them to render payment in cryptocurrency easily.

We are already serving our first customers. And we are very excited for the platform to be available to all crypto-affluents in a few weeks. While many of our friends are confident in our business model, many still have questions on how the ADI token fits within this ecosystem based on the relevant tokenomics. It is with that in mind we have prepared this Explainer article.

At this point, we would like to acknowledge the work of Julien Genestoux and Kyle Samani. In particular, their insights on the subject of token velocity and discount tokens that aided in crystallising our system of long-term incentives using ADI token.

In short, ADI tokens will be used for:

· Discounted Service Fees on Aditus Platform

· ‘Cash-back’ on purchase price

· Access to Aditus programs and services (through staking or spending ADI)

· Transaction currency

The above elements are explained in detail below:

1. Discounted Service Fees on the Aditus platform

Aditus offers end-to-end services that allow crypto-affluents to get access and make purchases. A good example is the Aditus Concierge service where our users capitalise on our networks and processes to shortlist and facilitate a purchase.

Users pay a concierge service fee to Aditus. This fee can be paid in an entry crypto-currency such as BTC and ETH or in ADI tokens.

If it is paid in ADI, the users will get a discount on this concierge service fee.

This has similar operational mechanics and tokenomics to the BNB token on the Binance exchange platform and others like it.

The Aditus Concierge is already being rolled out to select customers, and will be available to all users in June 2018.

2. ‘Cash-back’ on transaction price

When our customers make a purchase through Aditus, they may be reciprocated with a ‘cash-back’ component reflected as ‘token-back’ in ADI tokens.

Aditus makes a commission from different merchants for completed deals, and we use part of our commissions to buy ADI tokens from the open market and transfer them to the purchasing user as a reward.

This ADI token-back serves the following purposes:

· Rewards customers for making a purchase.

· Gives them a ready store of ADI tokens to be used for discounted service fees on their next purchase and thus creating a positive feedback loop.

The ADI token-back rewards system will be rolled out in June 2018 through Aditus Pay as our payment gateway.

3. Access to Aditus services / programs

As mentioned, the Aditus Concierge Services will be available to all users in June this year. It will be subjected to KYC and AML requirements.

In time, the more sought-after services will be catered exclusively to users who stake Aditus tokens onto the platform, as part of our Aditus VIP program that will launch soon as well.

Our Smart Invitations platform for luxury merchants is also projected to be completed and ready in Q3 2018. On this platform, luxury merchants will need ADI tokens to be able to send Smart Invitations to our members.

4. Transaction Currency

Our Aditus Pay platform currently supports BTC and ETH, and for some merchants ADI tokens.

We are also in talks with a prominent stablecoin to be accepted as a payment currency for Aditus Pay.

We are focusing on increasing the adoption of the platform between both users and merchants and significant progress has been made.

This will lead to the increased use of ADI among crypto-affluents and luxury merchants, and over time this, as well as the underlying tokenomics, will increase ADI’s attractiveness as a transaction currency.

Sample use case of ADI tokens in a transaction

Aditus customer John uses the Aditus Concierge service to locate a sculpture that fits his requirements and budget.

Going through our networks of private art dealers we found suitable options for John.

We help negotiate the final price at USD 1,200,000.

Aditus Pay calculates the BTC amount as 142.65 BTC for John. In this instance, BTC is the “entry currency”.

John pays 142.65 BTC through Aditus Pay which is then converted into fiat USD as payment to the art dealer.

The Bel-Air Fine Art London Gallery was one of the first art galleries to adopt Aditus Pay

How ADI is used in the above transaction

Aditus generates a concierge fee of 1% of the purchase price (or 1.46 BTC).

John chooses to use his ADI tokens to pay this concierge fee instead, which means he only pays 0.73 BTC worth of ADI tokens.

The art dealer also pays Aditus a finder’s fee in USD.

We take 20% of our finder’s fee to acquire ADI tokens in an affiliate exchange and credit it to John as a reward for using the service.

(example above is from an actual transaction, but the relevant numbers and percentages have been changed)

Aditus Pay set up at physical point of purchase

There are many more exciting announcements to come in the coming weeks, so please stay tuned.

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