FlyClever and Aditus Pay makes flying a breeze for crypto-affluents

Crypto-affluents with a penchant for travelling can now arrange their flights conveniently.

Aditus, the world’s no. 1 luxury access platform for crypto-affluents, has signed an exclusive partnership with FlyClever to accept payment in cryptocurrencies for the San Francisco-based company’s range of travel and flight-customising services.

FlyClever specialises in tailoring flight itineraries for frequent travellers taking into consideration convenience and cost-efficiency. This is done by leveraging on their own price comparison expertise, working with airline partners, and applying FlyClever’s proprietary search technology to provide users with the best travel experience each and every time.

Users are only required to key in details such as travel dates, destination and and preferred cabin class into their website to receive a breakdown on the various options available. This is in addition to in-flight seating arrangements, cost-saving options on layovers, double connections, access to airport lounges in airports across the world, and where applicable, redemption of travel points and miles.

A superior travel experience is possible with with FlyClever and Aditus Pay.

FlyClever does not charge for an initial search and quote. Thus, no risk is assumed by the user and they only pay upon receiving deals which offer real savings, including substantial discounts from 20% to 60 % on first- and business-class air tickets . The partnership will see Aditus Pay integrated as part of the online experience, allowing FlyClever to tap into a community of new wealth who may wish to make payment with Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin.

“We are thrilled to have FlyClever as a strategic partner under the Aditus Alliance,” says Aditus co-founder and CEO Julian Peh. “The company provides a dynamic platform which is a godsend to time-poor frequent travellers and professionals. And given how easy the site is to navigate and use, crypto-affluents will be well-served using FlyClever as there’s now the option to pay using crypto-currencies for added convenience. We will be working closely with FlyClever to provide a seamless cryptocurrency payment experience.”

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About Aditus
Aditus was created to be the world’s first luxury access platform bridging luxury merchants and crypto-affluents on a revolutionary decentralised network.

About FlyClever
FlyClever is a San Francisco-based company that specialises in tailoring flight itineraries with great savings for its users.