Jan 2018 Update:

Aditus product platform beta-tested at major luxury shows, Reduced total token supply, ADI token listed on first exchange

Dear friends,

Thank you for supporting Aditus and our Initial Token Sale. It was an intense but wonderful experience not only interacting with token buyers, but also taking the chance to share our vision of the first luxury access platform for the burgeoning class of crypto-affluents to so many new friends.

We would like to thank you all once again for your support.

Indeed, the month after the ITS has been a flurry of activity, as we set about fulfilling the promises we made in our whitepaper.

Here’s a quick recap of what happened the last month:

1. Beta Tests / Merchant Acquisition at Phuket RendezVous and Art Stage

Phuket RendezVous

Aditus debuts with a splash at Phuket Rendezvous!

From 4 to 7 January 2018, Aditus hosted a grand VIP lounge at the Phuket RendezVous, a large scale luxury show held at the Royal Phuket Marina, which attracted 6,000 affluent visitors.

Of course it was not all parties and drinking at the show, as our main mission there was to beta-test our actual product among users and luxury merchants.

Our beta test at Phuket RendezVous was focused on the Aditus Rewards component of our platform, in which luxury merchants sent out Smart Invitations to a selected group of show visitors via the Aditus app.

Julian Peh demonstrating how to use the Aditus app at Phuket Rendezvous

The response was extremely encouraging. It was the first time luxury merchants saw how Aditus used the ADI token as a rewards currency in incentivizing potential customers to perform desired actions, such as visit their booth or show room. It was a re-thinking of how luxury marketing could be done in a decentralized way.

We had been speaking with luxury merchants from last year, and with the actual physical demo at the RendezVous, we were able to sign many merchants especially in real estate and yachts. Announcements on this will be made in the coming weeks, so please stay tuned!

Of course we also discovered possible areas of improvement about our platform. We received useful comments from both merchants and users, and the RendezVous also took place while the Ethereum network was quite congested, with the standard gas price going as high as 80 gwei.

There were thus many learnings and observations from this real life beta-test and we will be incorporating improvements into the Aditus platform to improve its robustness.

Art Stage

Art Stage is South East Asia’s largest art show with over 90 galleries exhibiting at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

The Aditus booth was bustling with activity during Art Stage Singapore 2018

Through our past work in luxury media and events, we were long time partners of Art Stage. Aditus was approved as the official crypto-payments provider of the show, allowing crypto-affluents to purchase art with crypto-currencies.

After Phuket, our development team finished up our first version of Aditus Pay, our very own crypto-payment gateway that can currently support Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. (Aditus’ ADI tokens will be supported after our exchange listing)

The Aditus Pay service promises security and convenience to all its users.

We also used the final step of the payment process through Aditus Pay as a lead in back to Aditus Rewards, connecting both components of our platform.

As a world first implementation, 4 pieces of artwork was sold through our payment gateway. We anticipate significantly higher number of purchases and transaction volumes in future.

A full report on this has been released.

On this note, would also like to thank the friends and Aditus token holders who came down to lend support and check out what we were doing.

All in all, the two shows were a great endorsement of the fact that face to face interactions and demos at this early stage in Aditus’ development, as well as that of the crypto-space in general, gives great confidence in both the product development and our team’s seriousness in execution.

We will continue testing, marketing and rolling-out Aditus through physical shows.

2. Changes to Token Allocation

As we dropped our hardcap from the previously allocated 450 million tokens just before the Initial Token Sale, we have, as promised, burnt 250 million tokens.

This can be seen on our etherscan: https://etherscan.io/address/0x8810c63470d38639954c6b41aac545848c46484a

This burning of the tokens reduces the total supply of ADI tokens from 1 billion to 750 million, a move that will be beneficial to the value of ADI tokens.

To bring the various pools (merchant sales, token holder incentives) more in line with the new total supply, we will also be announcing very soon a set of escrow wallets where pre-specified numbers of ADI tokens from each pool will be locked up for 2018. This will also reduce the circulating supply of ADI.

3. Exchange listings

We have been negotiating with exchanges for the past few weeks, and our first exchange listing was on Coinbene last night.

For a full guide to buying tokens on Coinbene, please see here.

Token holders can expect Aditus tokens to be listed on at least 2 more exchanges in the coming weeks.

— —

It has been an eventful 2 months, and the Aditus team has been very busy indeed!

With some major milestones completed as promised, token holders can look forward to more significant milestones in February on product development, merchant acquisition and all-round marketing and publicity.

Thank you for your continued support!