Seller of Gold Rolls-Royce only accepts Cryptocurrency

This bespoke and lavish gold Rolls-Royce Ghost is designed to deliver a striking and seductive motoring encounter…

There is a bespoke gold Rolls-Royce Ghost listed on UK based Auto Trader right now, and the private seller will only take Bitcoin. Yes, you read that right, the owner of the whopping US$158,000 Rolls-Royce will not take cash or credit — you can only buy it using crypto-currencies.

Crypto-currencies are not new, as followers of Aditus clearly know. Indeed, a person trading exclusively in crypto-currencies is not a breaking-news story. What’s interesting in the case of this Rolls-Royce and its owner is that he or she sees an opportunity in Bitcoin, in particular. If the seller does close the sale, and Bitcoin continues to rise in value, he or she has just made a killing. Likewise, the buyer might have also made a killing, if he or she acquired Bitcoin at the right moment. Erin Baker, Auto Trader editorial director said: “With the meteoric rise in popularity and value of Bitcoin in recent years, it comes as no surprise that sellers are now attempting to trade this way.”

Under the beautiful bonnet of the aforementioned Rolls-Royce is a 6.6-litre engine that will rumble quietly, as Rolls-Royce’s cars are wont to do; the gold finishing and the 007 vanity license plate will make all the noise. The super-luxury four-seater hardtop also features creature comforts — basically you can watch your favourite film while relaxing in the comfort of the lavish interior.

This Rolls is said to be the only one that comes with a built-in rear refrigerator and champagne flutes. Other exciting features are a 360-degree overhead camera system, active cruise control automatic braking and, obviously, a TV.

Ultimately, the growing number of opportunities of this nature point to a rising class of crypto-affluents poised to become the next new market for luxury merchants. The Aditus Network is ready to be the bridge that connects luxury merchants with these crypto-affluents.

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