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Analyzing COVID-19 US data with Tableau and creating Dashboards

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Getting started with Tableau

Creating Heatmaps, Charts and Graphs

Creating a Dashboard

COVID-19 in US
Heatmap of ‘Total Tests Conducted Daily’ in 50 states, from March 1st to June 21st


New York (NY)

  • The Daily Positive Cases appears to be low in March, but starting April beginning there was an exponential rise. One of the reasons for the low daily positive cases, as per the heatmap, can be the fact that the number of tests conducted in March were significantly low.
  • The Daily Positive Cases and Daily Deaths were significantly high during the month of April and May, which is when the state issued the lockdown order and banned international travel.
  • Mid May onwards the number of cases started to decrease and June 8th the state scheduled it’s Phase-I reopening.
Dashboard displaying NY’s COVID-19 Cases

Washington (WA)

  • In January, Washington was the first state to announce a confirmed coronavirus case. And since Jan, the state experienced an exponential rise both in Daily Positive Cases and Daily Deaths. Finally in mid March, the state prohibited gatherings of over 250 people followed by lockdown order. Between mid March and May number of cases were flat but is experiencing a spike after reopening.
Dashboard displaying WA’s COVID-19 Cases

California (CA)

  • California was the first state in US to order lockdown in March. Consequently, the cases were significantly low. But as the restrictions to curb the pandemic are being relaxed across US, California, Texas and few other states have recorded their worst week yet for new coronavirus infections.
Dashboard displaying CA’s COVID-19 Cases




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