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AdLunam $1,000 Meme Contest Winners Announcement

We asked for memes, you sent us hundreds of them! Time to announce the 15 well-deserved winners whose entries best represented the competition theme:

👉 AdLunam Launchpad | AdLunam Ecosystem 👈

Held on: 21–30 December 2021

It was tough choosing just 15 winners, but we managed it 😌

However, we were blown away by your creativity and skill, so stay tuned for another competition — more creative-focused this time — coming your way real soon!

Top 5 winners ($100 each)

  1. That moment when you finally understand what makes AdLunam different from all the other launchpads on the market 🤯
Twitter user @iam_not_groot

2. Every launchpad says they put the community first…but their allocation mechanisms say otherwise 😏

Twitter user @sarmetkhusairy

3. Just join, like, comment, and post! Imagine the rewards you can get with the power of Proof of Attention! ✅

Twitter user @Volks_Adhi

4. Who need Apes or Punks when you can flex your Engage to Earn score 💪

Twitter user @MdRehan05

5. Launching a project? Prepare to have your mind blown. Choose the most engaged users to receive airdrops, allocations, community rewards, or become ambassadors or influencers 🔥

Twitter user @xrpclover

Additional 10 winners ($50 each)

6. Dude, come on. Using a launchpad shouldn’t leave you rekt 🤗

Twitter user @SiddiqiTahira

7. Seriously, investing is hard enough. A launchpad should make your life easier, not give you more pain 😉

Discord user dafitdwon#2175

8. Think about it. Why are allocation mechanism so unfair? Shouldn’t you get out what you put in? 🤔

Twitter user @IamRD01

9. You’ll know an AdLunam investor when you see one…cool, calm, and full of crypto 😎

Twitter user @MdRehan05

10. AdLunam investors see the world differently, because they know they’re respected. Their time is valuable and AdLunam rewards them for it 🎁

Twitter user @saheenkuru

11. AdLunam investors can use Engage to Earn to change their lives. Investing in good projects doesn’t have to be so tough. Proof of Attention has your back 👊

Twitter user @benilda86243342

12. The AdLunam ecosystem gives you access to the Crypto Infinity Stones — what are you going to do with them? 🦸‍♂️🦹‍♀️

Discord user VirajY#3253

13. What do you get when you mix Web3, the Attention Economy, NFTs? AdLunam…but don’t forget to add in Engage to Earn and Proof of Attention!🤩

Twitter user @_colisi

14. AdLunam is the only launchpad where you can join an IDO through an Engage to Earn model — come play with us and make investing fun again 🎮

Twitter user @Ekosuge64082911

15. AdLunam means “To the moon” and that’s where we’ll take you. All you have to do is ask, “Which one?” 🚀👨‍🚀🌒

Twitter user @DcMan37

Congratulations to all our winners who did such a great job of highlighting the AdLunam ecosystem! We’ll reach out to you on Twitter and Discord and distribute your prizes within the next week.

Missed out on this competition? We have more in store where that came from! Follow us on Twitter, Telegram, Discord and Medium to stay up to date with our contests, giveaways, and airdrops 🔥

About AdLunam

AdLunam, Inc. is an Engage to Earn NFT-integrated Proof of Attention IDO launchpad for the Web 3.0 Attention Economy. Its Proof of Attention ecosystem enables crypto investors to monetise their own social capital and allows projects access to the industry’s top-most engaged retail investors throughout a token’s funding life cycle.

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NFT-Integrated Proof-of-Attention IDO Launchpad for the Web3 Attention Economy

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NFT-Integrated Proof-of-Attention IDO Launchpad

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