Case Study. Dragon Awaken — ROI 101% with push notification advertising

Igor Pavlov
Sep 24, 2018 · 2 min read

Here is a case study from one of our affiliates, who tested push-notification advertising in our ad network RichPush.


Offer: Dragon Awaken Geo: DE\FR\AU\CA\GB\NZ\US

Payout: 2,5–3$

Spend: 1408$

Revenue: 2829$

ROI: 101%

Period: 16.08–09.09

Decided to test game installs on push-notification advertising. Browser games go well with native format so started from those in particular. Found a decent offer on Dragon Awaken with good payouts and a couple of landing pages. Saw it in a couple of affiliate networks, which is nice.

Had some experience with games, got lots of different prelandings (with fantasy girls and short quizzes mostly), so managed to launch campaigns pretty easily. I rarely make prelandings by myself, usually use spy-services and edit those to better fit the offer. (BTW, had to lead traffic straight to the landing, EPC appeared to be higher)

Tested 4 approaches to making creatives for push advertising:

  1. Game posters
  2. Gameplay screenshots
  3. Other games screenshots (Heroes 3 performed nicely)
  4. Classic — sexy girls from games

Got texts at Advansets, translated through Workzilla, spent just a couple of bucks.

Most creatives performed well. Changed them once every 2–4 days until conversions dropped. Here are some of those:

Didn’t have to stop anything, since all subscribers lists had positive ROI. Here’s what I spent on push ads:

And here are affiliate network stats:

Got good results and decent revenue :)

Note that push-advertising is very much different from regular native ads. Format is a bit similar, but never the less. I recommend to change creatives at least once every 3 days. You’ll get maximum relevant audience that way.

Originally published at AdMachine.


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Admachine tips for Digital Ads

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