What is push notification advertising and why does it perform so good?

Igor Pavlov
Jun 21, 2018 · 2 min read

New ad format emerged recently and it is push notification advertising. You’ve probably heard about it or you soon will if not yet.

Push notification advertising

It’s a new digital ads format, which literally places ads inside desktop and mobile push-notifications. As far as we know it appears once a day on users device and looks like a regular one, but contains logo, banner, title, text and a website link.

They don’t have too customized targeting now. Only country, town, device, OS and ip-lists. Not much, but you pay CPC, so it’s not that big of a deal. Traffic sources do not share what websites or apps provide the placements and actually that doesn’t matter. Thus push appearance doesn’t depend on device/app/website usage, it just delivers the message straight to the user no matter what he’s doing now.

Average pricing is 0,06–0,1 CPC, which is pretty cheap for that kind of performance.

Why push-ads convert that good?

It’s a very new type, it emerged about a month ago if not less. It’s clean traffic, there are no bots, no mass-adblock utilities, nothing like that. For now there are only a couple of vendors we have, who are trying to keep source quality.

Here’s what we have no, considering the performance:

Affiliate offer: Gambling

Targeting: Italy

Banners: 5 banners created

eCPC: $0,065

Spent: $3632

Earned: $7772,4

ROI: 114%

See more cases: https://admachine.co/cases/push-notification-ads

Almost all typical affiliate offers show good performance: nutra, men health, gambling, finance, casino, betting, crypto, etc.

Also note that short and clear landing is the key for this ad. We’ve tested a bunch of those before realized what was happening.

Need performance advertising? Sign up now: https://richpush.co/

Originally published at AdMachine.


Admachine tips for Digital Ads https://admachine.co

Igor Pavlov

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Head of Marketing at Platform.io



Admachine tips for Digital Ads https://admachine.co

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