Comp in Action With: Christine Herrin

The Adobe Creative Resident and resident San Franciscan shares unexpected inspiration from her city’s streets — images, hand-lettering, text, and custom colors pulled together in Comp.

It can be easy to get a bit complacent with the wonders your — or any — city can offer, but sometimes simply looking up (and down, and inside), or taking a brief detour with open eyes and a desire to observe can unleash all kinds of fresh inspiration.

Christine Herrin is a hand-lettering, traveling, scrapbooking design phenom, and one of this year’s Adobe Creative Residents — a multi-disciplinary crew of four that includes “illustr-animator,” Syd Weiler, multimedia and 3D designer ghost-sign aficionado Craig Winslow, and filmmaker Sara Dietschy.

Christine Herrin! Portrait by Portraits to the People.

Christine lives in SF — a one-of-a-kind place that boasts major tourist attractions like the Golden Gate Bridge and Cable Car jaunts alongside lots (and lots and lots and lots) of lesser known but still super cool sights. She shared the inside scoop on some of her fave, hyper-local spots over at Adobe Create — including a vintage cookware haven and zine machine/newsstand (yesss!) — but while you’re here:

Let’s admire her ace use of Comp!

Before the residency, Christine was only kinda sorta familiar with the Creative Cloud mobile suite and initially wasn’t quite sure how Comp might fit into her workflow. But the idea of putting together quick creative collages in the app, using assets she created in Adobe Capture and Adobe Sketch, provided a pretty perfect project to experiment with.

Here’s a shot from her process:

And check out this great vid below of her using the app’s history scrubber function*.

(*To DIY: Just put three fingers down on the right of the screen, and slowly drag them towards the left — you’ll see every move you’ve made on that document from finish to start. Stop anywhere along the way, and you have the ability to send that version directly to your Creative Cloud account for a pretty sweet way to version your drafts.)

Learn more about her insider tips for unexpected design inspiration at Create, and stay tuned here for more great stuff from great designers working on Comp.


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